DWC HELP!! Possible Nute lock out

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  1. So heres my setup:
    Gl80 tent
    400w mh
    intake fan
    exhaust fan
    air filter
    (2) 5 gal dwc buckets w/ drip ring from greners.com
    Fox farm nutes, follow online feeding schedule
    Voodoo juice
    temps w/ light on 76-79
    light off 72-73
    bucket temp stays between 64-70

    So i started 2 NL seeds in a mini bubbler and moved them to buckets about 2 1/2 weeks ago, they looked fine. Started in dwc buckets and still looked fine and healthy. Since last week though one of my guys leaves was turning a whitish color w/ brown and curling up and the other guy looked fine. I let it run its own course b4 i freaked out and now the one that was having trouble shot out of cannon and is massive now, but the one that was ok has all the leaves drooping and is getting some of the same white ashy lookin stuff on leaves and turning brown, i thought maybe it wwas being over watered so i turned off the drip ring and 2 days later its still drooping but the other girl like i said looks awesome. The roots are hanging out the healthy big one and look white, but the droopers roots havnt dropped out the bottom of lid yet but i can see the root and its white? So i dont think its root rot, Idk somebody help!!

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  2. oh and ppm is about 700-800, and ph is kept at 5.5-6.5
  3. What is the doing? Up or down?
  4. sounds like my old friend powdery mildew look it up easy fix might wanna filter the intake to prevent sores from spreading
  5. ph goes up if that's what u mean
  6. anyone hav a guess y the drooping one won't come back to health?
  7. if the leaves are still green then flush with two fillings of water and let it run for a couple hours each time that will flush all old nute water out and then your new fill will be clean and fresh
  8. Sound like your soup may alos be too strong for your plants ifph is going up dial it back a little for DWC. I liketo use about 75% of what the nutes say for DWC.
  9. Whats up bra? If you haven't figured it out already you are dealing with whats knows as "Nutrient Lock-Out". Your Ph was at an "ok" level however your PPM balance was way high. What this means is there is a severe salt build up in your medium (rockwool or peat or whatever you used). If the plant is still looking the same way all that needs to be done is to "flush" the plant by running distilled (0.0 ppm) water over the TOP of the net pot at a slow pace so the medium soaks up the water and is drained. A great way to do this is by taking a separate bucket and filling it with a gallon of 0.0ppm water. Place a small water pump in this bucket (add a flow valve if possible) and top feed your plant till the gallon is pumped. This way you are not pumping the water that is already in the system that will contain the flushed water. Personally I suggest that you flush a gallon one day and then another the next before you restart your system with your fresh water/nute mix. Needless to say, make sure you drain the flushed water from the system before adding fresh.
    Also if you are not already using distilled water and choosing to go with water from your faucet it may be a good idea to filter that faucet water because your PPM level is really high. Nutrients are made up of dissolved salts and when you add that to tap water with a high ppm, your PPM levels get too high and causes this problem. I truly hope that all is well with your operation and this problem has already been solved. If not, I hope this helps.
    Peace bra.
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