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  1. Having a little problem with my clones. I transfered the rooted clones into the hydroton and net pots and put in the bubble buckets. They went from flouresent lights to a 400w hps wich is about 3 feet above them. They have been in there 6 days now and I am seeing roots come through the pots but my plants are starting to droop and yellow in the center a bit. I have seen no new growth besides roots.I am using GH nutes and the lucas formula at 50%. PH is fine and temps are good. Do you think its the hps causing heat stress? What should I do?
  2. You say the pH is good? what is it and what is the semp of the water in the dwc.

    How many times a day do you test / correct the pH.

    How big is the air stone/s
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    keep misting them until they perk up - also are you feeding the clones yet?

    they look a little hungry

    *edit* - hmmm 50% Lucas - might want to increase that a touch now as clones with roots should be fed the same as an adult plant

    I doubt it's heat stress

    basically i wouldnt worry too much - all clones look a little raggedy and poor at first and then they just suddenly improve
  4. water temp is 77 F ph I have been keeping at 6.0 - 6.4 checking it once a day and adjusting it every other day. I originally filled with tap water , smells like the swimming pool out of the faucet but after a day it doesnt smell like chlorine any more. I just 86ed the tap water tonight and bought some spring water and refilled with 100% nutes, I imagine if thats the problem I will know very soon. Air stone is one 4 inch stone in each bucket I plan on adding another dual outlet pump to the operation this week.
  5. Well I changed the water and went 100% nutes last night and they are already perking right up. I also added another air pump and switched out my airstones to the cheap ass 4 inch models that are all stone and no plastic and they work great. I was using the more expensve 4 inch fish tank stones that are housed in plastic and they sucked.
  6. good stuff

    by the way - keep an eye on the air stones - they clog up and stop working after a few weeks - if you rub them gently with your fingers you can get a few more uses out of them

    but yeah keep an eye out for when they stop fizzing ;)

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