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  1. Ok guys so its been a really long time since I have done any updates or anything .

    For those just catching on, this is my first grow and I'm growing ak47xbubblegum from seed, I got my seeds from attitude.

    My baby is currently in week 2 of flowering.

    I made a few mistakes in this grow that won't happen again but other than that everything is going great. I was able to take 2 clones from her, and they are doing fantastic as well.

    Originally I was going to turn my baby into a mother plant, and just cut off clones as she goes but my space is limited and I want to start growing other strains, so instead I ended up with 2 clones and a huge almost 3 feet plant.

    I will be switching the lights to 12/12 on the clones next week. And will most likely flower my main plant for about 6 more weeks.

    Tell me what you guys think. Again this is my first grow so I need all the help or tips I can get. Stay HIGH !!!:smoke:

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  2. P.S. Oh yea I forgot Im using a 400w HPS light system.

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