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  1. Hey Everyone,

    This is my first grow. I have chosen Great White Shark from Greenhouse Seeds. I have 8 buckets all of which are GWS and 2 600w hps. I am hoping to get at least a lb. They have been in veg for 3 weeks and are just now starting their second week of flowering.

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  2. Has anyone out there grown this strain before. How stinky can I expect it to get.
  3. No clue looks great though , thanks for sharing and keep us posted:D
  4. thanks for checking in
  5. What's going on everybody. So we finally got some white hairs. The growth is amazing, these guys are only on day 9 of lowering and I have a mini forest. Check out the pics let me know what you guys think.

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  6. *Pulls up a chair*
  7. /Thanks man this is my first grow so hopefully everything goes well. Fingers crossed
  8. Not to alarm you, but I just finished growing a GWS from greenhouse. and she hermed on me so watch them bitches real close. it didnt happen til about half to 3/4 of the way thru flowering which makes them pollen sacs way harder to spot. it took about 10 weeks to finish as well. She wasnt the stinkyest girl in my garden, but at times did remind me of cat piss, and sometimes a little fruity. Im prolly still gonna cure it for another couple weeks or so before I really get into it but the couple nugs I smoked the other day got me blazed. I think I got about 3 oz off of one girl so you might not be too far from your L goal. just remeber what perm told ya watch out for those shemales or it could be a seedy one, you never know with GHS I have had some bomb as hell(lemon skunk, slh) some not so great (white rhino, hawaiian snow) mainly the not so great ones are caused by them hermin. Peace:smoke:
  9. Thanks for the heads up Big Perm. I hope mines don't turn out that way. Can I ask how long did you veg for and what lights did you use to get those 3oz's.
  10. looking good emroy...
    the next couple weeks they will strecth like hell...
    be prepared mate...Nice job so far:cool:

  11. What up slinger. I was actually going to try your recirc. DWC method but I figured I just keep it simple for my first grow and 8 buckets isn't that much work at the moment. But I'm sure when the plants really start drinking I'm going to wish I had implemented your idea lol.
  12. i've heard it can be quite stinky in late flowering

    and i bet you get 2 lbs :hello:

    looks awesome, huge for a first grow!
  13. we all start somewhere..Im still waiting for the day I quit screwing with my set ups...
    LMao.. its just the nature of the beast..every step you take youll learn something..
    Your off to a hell of a start man..:D
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    I had it in a multi strain perpetual grow under 1000 watts of hps divided between 8-10 plants. I vegged for about a month maybe 5 weeks under a 600 watt mh. your plants look about the same size as mine was when it started flower.
  15. What up snickers. I hope they out to be really stinky and frosty. And that 2lbs would be a gift from above.
  16. Alright everyone tomorrow will be the start of week 3. The stretch is starting to become more than I expected with the tallest one coming in at 36 inches. I hope they start to slow down soon. I should have pictures up soon.
  17. Hey man, your grows looking good. I'm running a similar set up as yours and was wondering if you could keep me posted from time to time on the tds, ppms, ec or whichever your using and ph. I ask because I run into problems mid flower a lot and would like to learn from your experience. Would greatly appreciate it. I'll be sticking with ya for this one.
  18. What's going on Johny. And I will be sure to keep you posted. I don't have much experience because this is my first but I've been reading a lot and looking through a lot of other grow journal here on the city. What is your setup looking like. Strains? Lights? Nutrients? System?
  19. What's up city. So as you can see from the pictures the growth has been amazing these last 2 weeks. We are coming up on day 16 and I am hoping that they don't get any taller. The white hairs are pretty prominent now and I have a feeling I might reach my goal. Does anyone out there personally know how GWS smells during flowering and after a good cure.

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  20. I'm still working on getting things exactly the way I want em. Right now I veg under a 400 mh and flower under two 600 watt lumatek hps in hydrofarm radiant reflectors. I'm running DWC using a sunleaves 950 gph pump with double micro pore air diffusers. I could use a few more pumps, their on the list. I run the GH line, flora micro and bloom, florablend and Kool bloom. Also treating the water with Zone right now as well.
    Current strains are Oasis and Skywalker from Dutch Passion. Burmese Kush from T.H seeds. I'm also running one of my own strains right now as well. I also have some belladonna and a few others waiting to be planted. So what nute line are you running ? and what strength are you at right now ?

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