DWC for First Time Grow Bad Idea?

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  1. I'm wondering if you guys think a first time grower can handle using a DWC system. If I could choose I would probably start out with soil, but it just so happens that I have all of the equipment needed to run DWC (it all came with my lights, fans and everything else). Is the potential yield worth the risk of running into multiple problems that I will probably not be fit to adapt to?

    The space I'm growing in is a closet that is 8x10x10, which is plenty of room from what I have gathered. I have 2 600W HPS lights with Yield Master 2 Classic hoods. I have a 455 CFM 6" and a 755 CFM 8" inline fan. (The 455 should be enough to vent right? I'm thinking about selling the 755) I have 3 badass air pumps and obviously the air stones, pots and tubing. Ducting and nutrients and meters and all that good stuff. I even have a fan silencer lol. Only thing I'm missing are plants and carbon filter. I'm thinking about skimping out on the filter and using a Pinesol/water mix in a bucket with an air stone. Apparently it is supposed to do wonders to any smell. Sooooo...point is, I think I'm good to go.

    If I decide to try DWC then I will most likely be starting out with clones (got a guy). Is that the best way to go about it? Is it difficult to transplant clones with this system?

    I guess I could always do a couple plants in soil and a couple with DWC, but I feel like that would make things even more complicated. Any input is greatly appreciated :)
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    starting with clones will save you a few weeks so it will give you the slightest headstart, keep nutes low for the first few feeds then slowly add what ever is appropriate and what your ladys like.

    This too is my first dwc grow and seems to be going alright i guess not the best but heres some pics of the whole thing stage by stage up to how it looks now, I did incorporate LST'ing as well as topping so just a heads up on what you might want to do.

    well you could try that as in do some in soil and some in dwc and see how it turns out and it cant get too complicated if you stay on top of your game, just read up on whatever you think you might need to know and take it from their, im sure you could always come back on to here if you run into any problems :D

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  3. Go with the dwc, it's really not that hard. Just make sure you keep the EC and PH at the right level.

    Id keep both the fans, use the 8" for exhaust and the 6" for intake. Id get the carbon filter whilst your at it too.

    what nutes you got?
  4. I say go for it. Worst case scenario is you need to get a few more clones. Just do your research and read a lot of threads from the hydro section.

    If you have several unconnected buckets you'll get tired of calibrating PH and PPM in each one all the time, but, DWC is a pretty easy way to grow and you'll find out if you like hydro without spending a lot of $$.
  5. Thanks guys! Nutrients are probably the thing I know least about, so I'm glad you asked. Again, all of this stuff I got as a bundle, so if I'm missing anything or need to change anything let me know.

    I have a gallon of Liquid Karma 0.1/0.1/0.5

    1 Liter of Heavy 16 Veg-A 5.0/0.0/1.0

    1 Liter of Heavy 16 Veg-B 1.25/2.7/5.8

    1 Liter of Heavy 16 Prime Enhancer 0/0/0.8

    1 Liter of H202 Liquid 29% Oxidizer.

    Almost 2 LBs of Super Bat Guano 0-7-0
  6. Buckets will be unconnected but I'm okay with doing the extra leg work. How many plants do you think I should start with for 8x10x10 closet 1200W?
  7. No more than six is what I would suggest for your first time in DWC. I ran 6 my first time in an Ebb & Flow system, anymore and I would've been overwhelmed. Just my 2 cents, good luck!
  8. I started with RDWC on my first grow. It turned out to be my best yielding so far.
    I switched to coco to try see how it worked for me. I am in the process of building a new RDWC system so I can switch back.

    If you are willing to pay attention to your grow and stay on top of PH & EC etc then GO FOR IT!!
  9. I personally don't recommend it as a first time grower myself. It's too overwhelming imo. It would be better to go on a soil on the first one, learn how to successfully clone with it, harvest the first soil grow and use the clones to transition into a DWC.

    I'm gonna do soil on my first few and then transition into a DWC. Instead of doing a bunch of plants on a 3 gal containers, I'm planning on doing just 2 trees on DWC and shoot for 500g yields (wet) off each plant.

    Plus I figured I could weed out and harvest the reg clones and then pick the best one for a mother in the process too. Plus you'll get to learn what that strain likes/not like before you jump into the DWC and you can dial it in faster.

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