DWC foaming problem

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by pitbull420, May 8, 2011.

  1. Why am I getting foam in my dwc bb? I checked it last night and it was fine but today when I checked it there was foam all along the sides and the roots where covered in what looks like white/clear gel.. So I cleaned off the roots, bleached out the bucket and checked for light leakage but so far still can't figure out the problem.. It's getting plenty of air (water looks like its boiling)... I'm using the lucas formula at 5-10 GH nutes.. This bucket is vegging under cfls in my veg room.. I haven't done anything different then I usually do so I'm kinda stomped on this one but hoping maybe some one has dealt with this and may be able to help me out.. Thanks in advance GC
  2. Dump your bloom in and mix well....then the micro....

    Problem solved, unless you have light leaks or the soup is too hot

    If your using a inline pump make sure its not in the soup, it heats it up
  3. get the same kinda thing if you are using lemon juice or baking soda for ph up and down

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