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  1. So in my DWC i am 4 pots coming from a central tank which recirculates.

    Harvest is approaching and id like to flush when ready. However i have a two plants slightly behind the two that are ready. Any advice on how to get around this please?

    Im thinking seperate buckets with Pure R.O and airpump ?

    Would this be ok ?

    Thanks in advance
  2. yupeers bro, that would do it. You don't need RO to flush, I don't use that, just tap (unless you live in flint that is)
  3. My tapwater ppm is 400+ hardwater area
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  4. so is mine, that's fine. If you are weary, then feed them tap for 5 days and the last two days give them RO. The minor elements in the water will do it some good.
  5. The simple solution is to not flush.
    Irrigation Management Strategies for Medical Cannabis in Controlled Environments
    Flushing is a bad practice based on flawed science.
    The great flushing experiment: An objective and in depth look at the final weeks
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  6. Hi
    I think that all depends on the Grower and which Nutrients he or she uses .
    I have had issues so I flush when I flip my plants to flowering .
    If you are mixing maximum dosages for your plants and your not changing your water every 10 days .
    I think some growers bad habits make flushing mandatory .
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