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  1. So I got a grow box from a friend its homemade
    It is 3.5 feet wide 2.feet deep 4 feet tall (pics bellow)
    Using 3.5 gallon bucket
    PH of the water 6.0
    Using jungle juice grow bloom and micro
    This is week 2 of veg have just changed the res added 8ml of each nute per gallon of water.
    Room temp likes to stay right around 30c
    Air flow is 4 computer fans of unknown cfm
    Lights About 90 ways from 3 cfls

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  2. More pics

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  3. Morepics
    Any hep tip hints cheats

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  4. Yup I'm new to dwc well growing in general....here's my set-up, I hope they survive to harvest ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416332004.652718.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416332031.735664.jpg

  5. I have 2 1200w full spectrum LED lights that only put out 340w each, I hooked up my kil-o-watt to it. My whole system uses 750w and 1100w with heater on. Not sure if that's too much light or not but they seem like they should be growing faster.

  6. Joshulis my stems are all red, yours appear to be a nice green color. Not sure why mine are red

  7. Looking good joshulis!
    Hey, setup looks clean. How close are your lights? LEDs can be put closer than HID Im only wondering cause maybe from the angle they look pretty far. I have mine (290W actual draw) about 16" from the tops I may move it closer soon. 
    Can't have enough light more the better, only thing that will be too much of imo is heat and then intensity (too close to bulb/led giving light burn, cons of artificial light) Maybe bringing them closer will speed up growth. Also plants look a little hungry to me I could be wrong, could also be other factors. How are your ph, ppm, nute schedule if any? rh, etc.?
    What kind of lights do you have, what are they drawing from? seems on the low end to me for 1200w only using 340w wish I had a kil-o-watt to measure mine maybe its less than the 290w actual draw on the spec.
    Are they red under led light or normal light as well? Could just be genetics maybe? I have purple stems but plant seems healthy its bag seed though so I don't know/
  8. I keep my ph as close to 5.8 as possible it bounces from 5.5-6.2
    My lights are about 24" I moved em up, they were like 3" above tallest plant. My lux readings are 17-20k at to and 12-15 at bottom of plants. My ppm is 800-1500 depending on the plant. This-morn there actually looking better after trimming off some ugly shade leaves that I believe we're taking to much energy to keep alive. Here's a pic from this morn ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416341798.552121.jpg

  9. So I got a rh and temp unit my high for today was 84f 34%rh
  10. I can get rh up to 70%or more but then temp drops right now its 77%rh and temp on 70f what can I do
  11. I think 40% humidity is good huh? Could raise the ventilation. My rh is always around 35%

  12. Updated pic

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  13. Here is a new update I add so that I could move the lights up and down

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  14. Also is 3753 lux enough to get one plant into flower
  15. New pics also finally got the nute feeding in check now just need some bigger lights my birthday is on the 25th so maybe I will luck out

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  16. Any hints, tips or tricks are appreciated

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