Dwc first grow in closet, white looking stuff on tubing and film on bottom on reservoir

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  1. This is my first grow I have 2 plants one auto thc bomb the other one is blue hash . It's been 38 days since I put them in my Dwc. My leaves this morning are Way more droopy then they have ever been, there's a white film on some of the black tubing (I will post pics of everything) and there were some spots on a few leaves, my humidity is sitting a little high [60%] and I upped my nutrients yesterday when I changed the water I just wanted to get some opinions about what could be causing this . The first three pics are from today the last two I post are what my plants looked like Just yesterday. Even my roots are looking a little discolored which I read would happen when I up the nutrients I just would like to be sure. =) all and any advice would be awesome

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  2. What is your PPM and PH #s? What nutrients are u using?
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    The white film is probably salt building up from the fertilizer

    The spots are more than likely from nutrient burn and wilting from PH imbalance, im not an expert but i was experiencing the same issues and it was due to over fert and PH issues
  4. Full Plant Nutrient Rundown (Part 1): http://youtu.be/BleWpBYweHE
  5. I don't know the ppm but my phone was about 5.5 when I first checked it this morning. Do my leaves and stuff look healthy still? What about my roots?
  6. And I'm using jungle juice advance nutrients 3 part system. I am doing the Lucas system so I'm not using the grow I used 5 ml micro and 10 ml bloom for the first time yesterday. Before that I was only doing like.2 ml of.each one.
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    Do you have a PPM/TDS meter and a PH pen? You NEED both of these to do hydroponic growing, your wasting time and $ otherwise
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    Your phone has a PH meter?
    How did you get your seeds? From a seed bank or a bag seed?
  9. No it was obviously a auto correct error when it said phone. And yes I wrote in my post I'm growing thc bomb and blue hash plant. this is my first grow for personal in a closet so obviously I don't have everything like a ppm meter yet. You still have yet to give any type of advice and I feel like your trying to make me sound dumb but by the looks of your plants in your post I don't think I wanna take any advice from u anyway. Thaaaanks
  10. U should Probably stick to 2ml , and i believe the LUCAS system was crated for GH Flora Series 3 part not AN, not sure how well the variables translate over to a different nutrient line
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    how many gals of water do you have in there? What kind of water are you using? RO,Distilled,Tap? What light source do you use? How close? What are the room temps? You are going to encounter alot of problems if you are unable to get a PPM reading, nor will you be able to figure out the plants preferred nutrient strength, get a PPM meter, do research on how plants uptake nutrients, and how PH is effected by this. What guide are you using to learn MMJ cultivation?
  12. I haven't even had problems with my ph I try to keep it around 5.8. I check my ph. I have a 5 gallon storage tub and I used the Lucas system because that's what it says to use for hydro on the back of the bottle. I use bottled filtered water . I have a t5 lighting fixture with 4 bulbs . The temp is 80 degrees 50% humidity. I have a fan and I thought the ph chart could be used to tell what nutrients I need more of or what not.v
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    If your air temps are 80F then that means the water temp could be 80F or higher, that would most certainly cause root rot, 75F would be considered on the high end of water temp, it will breed micro organisms that will inhibit growth causing disease. It is also restricting the oxygen content aswell, do you have an air stone in the res aswell to keep the water oxygenated?

    If you keep nutrient properly oxygenated, 65F to 75F nutrient temp is fine.
    The oxygen content of a fully aerated solution at 10C (50 F) is about 13ppm, but as the solution warms up to 20 C (68 F) the ability of the liquid to 'hold' oxygen drops to 9 - 10ppm, by the time the solution has reached 30 C (86 F), then it's only 7ppm.

    Plant roots want oxygen.............
  14. Do some more research and studying on hydroponic cannabis cultivation, lots of full guidance on YouTube, this was the first video i ever watched when starting Hydro:

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    No offence but you really need an electronic PPM/TDS or EC meter, your going to continue to encounter problems constantly without one, and most likely will not make it past vegitative stage. Are u usng the dropper PH test? You can get a super cheap chinese ph pen from Ebay however i would not suggest relying on it past this first grow, u can get a Milwaukee PH600 meter for around $40 retail at the hydroponic store, this is still considered a cheaper meter however it's construction and accuracy is far superior to any ebay Chinese PH pen, also a ppm meter is?cheap aswell, ive seen them at Wal-Mart
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    i agree I've followed your posts never really seen anything successful or useful just broken incomplete info.

    http://forum.grasscity.com/hydroponic-growing/1326685-bubbleponics-dwc-first-time-grow.html/page-3#entry20602506edit: also my tent is at 78 degrees right now and my water is at 68 with no water chiller or ice packs
  17. just got my combo meter working like 8 days ago and I've used it three times I did the entire veg stage and some flower without knowing Ppm and using a ph dropper test looks like I'm doing fine to me. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1413219877.896088.jpg

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    U are strate up full of it dude, youve been "following" my posts, yea ive only been here a month, and only posted questions on my current grow wich is not complete yet, so can u say somthing is not successful when its not even finished? u act as if im going around giving out bad info, this is the first time ive ever given any advice on this forum, and 99% of it is strate from the user guides stickied or from reputable growers, so if anything is "incomplete" or wrong then i would suggest contacting the MODs and telling them how they are wrong for promoting this info, i looked at your posts as well, Mister "first time dwc grow" trying to install top drip lines on a deepwater cultivation system

    This statement is from your post one month ago to the day:

    "Does the new growth start lighter green and get darker as it gets light and processes the nutrients? Or is there something I need to change with the plants? Ph is still 6.0 flat hasn't changed. My meter came in but made the rookie mistake of not knowing I needed special solution to calibrate and store it. So the meter is still on hold!"
    Lol are you kidding me? Im not proclaiming to be any kind of Master Grower, or even a decent gardener, but you waxing wise and attacking me is absurd, lol
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    Ok?? What works for one grower may not work for another, dosnt mean its wrong or rite, it's obviously causing this?grower some issues, do you have any previous posts to confirm your statement? are you fishing for rep or somthing? Regardless of my experience level im actually trying to help the guy out to the best of my abilities, and theres nothing wrong with the info ive posted in this thred. Why dont you explain your techniques for maintaining your feeding schedules without the use of a TDS/PPM meter instead of starting a flame war and highjacking the dudes thred? I never said a dropper test is obsolete or crap, i simply asked what his tester was and stated dropper test is an approximation/ ballpark figire and a meter is more accurate
  20. Nice pics, do you have any more? this is a previous grow of mine, and a harvest from my auto flower LED micro grow

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