DWC Feeding question.

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  1. I have a 1.5L DWC system an almost 4 week old plant in it, feeding at about half strength nutes, how often should I be replacing nutes/water? its a 1.5 litre dwc


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  2. nothing....?

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  3. a quick search will provide you with all this information. and you might want to move to a bucket bigger than just 1.5L. go for 5 gal. or in liters that would be about 19L.
  4. as above 1.5L is way too small, 5Gal is good size, I usually top up if it gets low, only every 10 days wash out the bucket then fresh solution
  5. just to provide another pov, some people don't replace with fresh solution until they hit flowering, and wont change the res til they're done with the grow. that's not how i do it, but they claim to get just as good results out of it. I replace about every 2-3 weeksish. just maintain your levels, read what your plant needs, and adjust accordingly and it's usually all alright. saves you money, too.
  6. Holy crap that is a healthy lookin plant in an extremely tiny setup!

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