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  1. hi all

    i have a plant in a bubble bucket,,it was supper cropped and is growing really well the plants in week 6 or 7 and ive run the ec following the dierections on the nute bottles

    today after following the nutes bottle direction the e c was 2.3

    the highest its been so far has been 2.0 but when i added 20 mls of pk 13/14 the ec went to 2.3 is this way to high?

    is there any other bad thing that can happen from running a high ec other than nute burn? it wouldnt stunt growth in any way would it?

    plant is really healthy looking no funny colors in any leaves and is doing all the right things

  2. as long as its doing well.. don't fix something that isn't broke...

    as long as the PH is stable or going up, your fine
  3. going up is a problem yes?? whys this does it mean the foods being locked out or something

    the ph does tend to drop over the week,,i start at 6.00 and it ends up at around 5.45-50
    is it cool to add ph up directly to the rez with the roots sitting in it
  4. Going up is good....5.8 to 6.4

    Going down is bad....5.8 to 5.0

    If going down reduce your ppm
  5. the ph has always gone down on me,,on the last rez change the ec was really high compared to usual because i added some pk 13/14 as the plants in week 6 i adjusted ph to 6 and the next day it had risin to 6.5

    what gives here??
  6. Probe could be busted....hows the plant look
  7. the plant looks great,,,its growing really well and the colors are good.... can a high ec stunt growth or is it the more food the plant can take the better

    i cant see how the probe is busted its measuring the control samples perfectly

    have u any tips for keeping the ph stable??
  8. High EC can stunt growth and burn tips and also bring on the "too dark" green (and sometimes that stange wavey look to the leaves that can accompany it) which is a not good. Life poster above said, if your pH is dropping and EC rising, you need to dilute the nutes.

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