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  1. Iv got one plant growing just now but is drinking excessive amounts of water its scorg it's going tho about 13 litre every 2 days is this normal the plant looks beautiful I'm putting nutrients in every second time I add water or am I just worrying for nothing iv added a photo any help would be grateful 4 weeks into flowering thanks

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  2. It's fine. The bigger the plant the more it drinks.
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  3. 20190424_083947.jpg This is how I solved that problem .
    Most have a small grow bucket and a large recirculating reservoir .
    I cut out the external water hoses.
    My systems are self contained

    On normal day my plants use 5 gallons per plant
    And I have seen up to 6 to 8 gallons per day per plant
    This on a larger
    20190711_123740.jpg 20190424_083856.jpg
    These are the 20 gallon totes
    Now switching to 30 gallon totes.
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  4. 30 gallon tote 20190611_194902.jpg 20190611_194824.jpg
  5. Thanks bud
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  6. This is the way I was instructed to use Nutrients in a RDWC systems.
    This so called formula has everything to do with size of the plant and how much water the plant uses on a day to day bases .
    My point is you need a way for the reservoir to adapt to the growth of the plant to match nutrient usage charts .
    I am using Canna nutrients .
    I always mix 1/2 strength .
    Your first mix day one
    You have 30 gallon totes but you only put in 12 gallons because its a small plant ..
    The plant uses 6 gallons over the next 3 days , and you refill the with 6 more gallons , 3 days later the same thing .3 more days you pump out the old water and refill to 18 gallons because your plants are now bigger and using slightly more water .
    Nutrients when mixed into your system are designed to be used up in 7 to 10 days .
    Then you must pump or drain out the system and replace all the water .
    You need to know I spent close to 800.00 for a commercial RO system .
    and had to shit can the first RO system I bought because the water here is over 600 PPM and the PH levels are over 8.2 .

    One thing I have found ,,,, you need to flush the system often like ever 5 weeks for a week .
    PS I don't use hydro guard not bleach in my systems .
    IMO It is a must that your pond pumps have a filtering system on them ..
    I use pond Mag 350 GPH pond pumps .
    I per tote with Bubblier system too.
  7. You need to flush …...
  8. That's great bit off advice I'm only using 19 litre pot with 2 flat stone bubblers an iv not bn to sure off nutrients this time so bn adding every second water
  9. Are you using RO water?
    I can give a list of nutrients I use .
  10. I'm using canna,enzyme plus,cal mag an that's all iv used bn using tap water that sit for 36 hours before I top up bn draining 19 litre tank every two weeks then fill with fresh water an nutrients
  11. The way I grow I have never wavered away from the perimeters .
    I go by a strict recipe which includes using RO water
  12. In others words what I do may not for you just because of the water and what's in it .
  13. I will definitely hav look for my nxt grow not sure about nutrient boosters an final stage boosters so hav left them for now

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