DWC Bucket Autoflower grow questions

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  1. Ok so I have an areogarden deluxe system I use to germ my seeds.

    On the way is some blue diesel autoflowering seeds. I built a DWC bucket for 1 plant at a time. The bucket is 37" diameter by 1' deep

    I ordered the nutes "GH 3 part Gro, Bloom, and Micro"

    I found a feeding schedule online for normal cannabis:

    per 1 gallon

    Week 1 (rooted clones or 3 leaf-sets on seedlings) : 2.5 ml EACH Grow, Micro & Bloom
    Week 2: 5ml Grow + 2.5ml Micro + 2.5ml Bloom
    Week 3: 10ml Grow + 5ml Micro + 3ml Bloom
    Week 4 until 12/12 : 12ml Grow + 6ml Micro + 3ml Bloom
    Week 1 of 12/12 : 6ml Grow + 6mil Micro+10ml Bloom
    Week 2 of 12/12: 3ml Grow + 7ml Micro + 12ml Bloom
    Week 3: 3ml Grow + 8ml Micro + 14ml Bloom
    Week 4: 3ml Grow + 8ml Micro + 16ml Bloom
    Week 5: 2..5 Grow + 7ml Micro + 18ml Bloom
    Week 6: NO GROW + 6ml Micro + 20ml Bloom USE UNTIL FLUSH!
    Flush 10-14 days before harvesting

    Will this be fine for the auto flower strain?
  2. from doing HOURS of googling, I come across stuff saying I don't need to use the "grow" part just the bloom and Mirco??
  3. dont feed any Autos nutes for a few weeks mate. less is more regarding nutes and water.

    Infact... autos can be grown from water alone. Be carefull you dont over fertilize them
  4. wow really? No nutes? Dang I wish I knew that before I got all that shit online

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