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  1. This is my second attempt with Aurora Indica. The plants are in a 13 gallon dwc container with a 400 watt led grow light. Its a small grow tent and im using floragro nutrients. They started showing signs of nutrient disorder about a week ago, ive since changed the reservoir and added less nutes. As you can see the plants arent looking any better. Can someone please help me save my plants? The plants are four weeks old should I even be adding nutes?

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  2. Plants should be fed from day one in DWC. What pH and how often do you check the pH in your res?
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  3. I try to check it every other day and keep it around 6.
  4. What strength nutes are you using?
  5. I was using 1/4 strength with the flora grow, now it has a little less than that.
  6. I just checked the ph, its the 3rd one from the bottom. Its under 6.2 20170815_161251.jpg
  7. DWC pH should be 5.5-5.8. Personally I would increase the nute strength.
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  8. The yellowing started at the bottom of the plant at the tips, the tips then turn brown and leaves yellow. Your saying its the ph and not the nutes?
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    I'm no deficiency expert but I have grown DWC before and the pH should be 5.5-5.8, let it rise to 6.0 and adjust back down. And any plant at any size can tolerate 1/4 strength nutes - I feed mine 1/4 strength for the first two weeks from sprout and increase to 1/2 strength for weeks 3 and 4 - then full strength. Maybe someone else can chime in with a different approach. Good luck.

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