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  1. In sitting down with a close friend of mine and laying out his brand new system I started to describe how to build his new DWC system or Ebb and Flow....... I realized exactly how much i really don't know about nutrients... All I know is what i have read in very few threads.... So I was wondering if people would stop by and describe how they add nutrients in the three stages of plant life. This would work for DWC, EBB and Flow and Ebb and Grow.... this would not only help myself but maybe a hole forum of people

    In reading about Coco Coir I saw the whole host of new problems associated with salt buildups and calcium deficiency's.... DWC and EBB and Flow has to have problems like this... just one example is adding hydrogen peroxide to combat root rot, but his comes with its own problems. So rather than slamming one another i was hoping for each person to just say what they do and how it works for them in each stage.


    Lucas forumula:add back

    seedling: per gallon(half strength)
    micro:5-0-1=2.5 ml per gallon
    bloom:0-5-4=5 ml per gallon

    veg: full strength
    micro:5-0-1=5 ml per gallon
    bloom:0-5-4=10 ml per gallon

    Bloom: full strength
    micro:5-0-1=5 ml per gallon
    bloom:0-5-4=10 ml per gallon

    this is all i use... in my three stages of plant life..... I see the shelves at the hydro store packed with all kinds of stuff.... help me obi-wan
  2. I'm using fogger cloner into rockwool cubes in ebb flow, into hydroton in dwc non recirc. Buckets. Rather than following the instructions on the nute bottle for ml. Try buying a TDS meter (total disolved solids) that will tell you the ppm if your solution. I run 750 ppm in ebbflow table abd veg, all the way till one week into bloom, then start bloom nutes at 800 slowly increasing to no more than 1100 at two weeks b4 harvest before flushing with plain water. By the way...ionic brand nutes...keep in mind as water evaporates from your resivor the ppms will increase so it is a good idea to check it every couple days. Good luck man...
  3. How do you decrease ppm in your setup as water evaporates? Add more water?
  4. Yes, I don't have much of a problem with rise in ppms, but if u do all you need to do is add distled or filtered water to your res until desired ppm is reached. Do you use a recirc. System or individual buckets.

  5. Right now I'm only using individual buckets but I'm going to switch to an ebb and flow table I think. It seems to work well with something compact and I like the fact that the res is beneath the table. Cool
  6. well... i was hoping this would be a learning experience.... guess not... maybe i posted in the wrong section or people just feel this is a dumb question.....

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