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  1. i am going to build a DWC wiht an 18 gallon rubbermaid for 2-4 plants and i have an old rena 300 air pump but it seems to not work that good or is it to small i dont know if i should get a tune up kit or just buy a new 50$ pump(or is a 20$ pump good enough for an 18 gallon res.)
  2. i think that the better quality pump you get for your res
    will result in better roots, better roots better plants
  3. i got a pump off ebay for 30 bucks with four output holes. it PUTS OUT. i had it in a 25 gallon res and the whole thing is all bubbly. works great.
  4. ok im going to look on ebay an all that thanks
  5. Personaly i would go to you local fish store and look. On the box it will tell you how many gallons it can do and also how many ports.
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    You are far better off buying it from ebay, unless you want to pay the high markup from a fish store.

    It's worth it if you need a cheap pump right now, but for the more expensive stuff especially, you can save a lot picking it up online, and you will have a much wider range of options.

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