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DWC 5gallon Buckets question

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by jester87k, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. How do u transplant clone or seedling to pot? i mean its 6 inches deep how long should roots be or do i need to buy like Rockwoll thats really big and use that ?
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    I use a mix of hydroton and higromite when I plant the clones into my waterfarm top container. You will want a couple of inches of root before your put then into the netpots. My clones are in beer cups (with soil) and I let them get around 6" tall before I transplant. Yes, I get soil in my hydro system, but do a complete drain/refill after the first week.
    If you use hydroton, make sure that you rinse it off real good, otherwise you will have Ph problems.

    Good Luck!
  3. I germinate in rockwool and then just drop that into the hydroten once its ready.
  4. What do u consider ready? like how long roots? and what size Rockwool u use?
  5. i stick them in pot once i see good multi roots,, i dont care how long they are,

    also.. no big issue on how deep you go,, i have some with rockwool right even with hydroten lvl,,

    but latley ive adapted to burying them up to the first node to shorten them,, workin graet so farr,, :p
  6. Well if roots arnt reaching water wont that cause them to die?
  7. with DWC the airstones create 100% humidity in the bucket,, its like putting a bag of crack in front of a crackhead,, i do have drip system that waters from top for 15 mins using water from the bucket,, i water it 3 times a day,, but yea, that humidity down there is the key to DWC,, my new batch ive watered only 1 time and it seems roots came down quicker,

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