DWC 5 Weeks 12/12 pics

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  1. These are my plant 5 weeks into flowering they are Akorn TH Seed grown in rockwool cubes in 6" pots.I have an 80l tub with 4 holes cut in the lid. Inside the tub is a fish tank filter a heater and 2 air pumps the plants are sat in the lid of the tub which has 20l of water at a PH of 6 i feed them IONIC GROW and BLOOM as instructed on the label i have used one 400watt HPS throughout. This is my first grow i had an over fertilising scare bout 3 weeks veg but they seem to have pulled trough .

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  2. They look great bro.. R+ Good luck on the finish...
    Choke with ya later...
  3. yeah, it's look great, good work:)
  4. Nice first grow!
    Welcome to Grass City. Post pics like that any time you like.
  5. Holy Shit man.. Good lookin... Most first grows dont make it through veg... Rep for your knowledge before action
  6. awesome looking :hello:
  7. Finally found how to work the REP-- ha-HA!!!:cool:

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