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  1. So blades, i have been talking with DWBglass and although he is willing to give me some detail and explantions, he is rather busy and has over 40 conversations atm.
    Soo, i came to you guys for help on what to get made from him.

    My limit is around 300.00 but im not looking for something huge, just a nice 15''-17'' bong, with custom color work and some diffusion.

    What i have right now is just a couple bonggs, one with a perculator and the rest are just staight tubes with diffused downstems.

    Now what im leaning towards is a stemless bong, because i have heard nothing but good things and i want something new nd unique with some diffusion but not alot of drag, I also like to taste the smoke and blowing out milky clouds.

    He explained some of the showerhead perc with 150 holes, and explained some of the waffles.
    I am kindof confused because although i have been smoking for 6 years i have never heard of things like this.

    If anyone has any sweet ideaas or could just help me out in general by posting pictures of there custom glass with different duffusion or anyhting, im just trying to spark my mind for what i want.

    thanks guys :hello::hello::smoke:
  2. I think you should get a regular showerhead with custom colors.
    Here is some vids of my dwb custom waffle.
  3. I would personally go for a waffle as IMO provide better diffusion
  4. think ya forgot to post the links ahhaah :hello:
  5. Yeah, I'd go with a waffle tube personally.
  6. I was looking into the dwb shower head bong on etsy im really interested in buying one but i dont know if i want to wait a month or two of what i heard it can possibly take and u have to pay before he starts making it
    What do u think about that??

  7. I think its only fair that you have to pay before they start making your piece..otherwise your wasting materials when you start and people back out.
    If you really want a custom made bong done by dwb..go for it. if 1 month is too long go with your plan b.
  8. When Iwas thinking of getting a custom from them, I just wanted to get a simple straight tube with a gridded disc in it. Or two.

    Seems the easiest and cheapest way, and will still offer good diffusion.
  9. If your getting the production line one as is and not a custom one then you most likely wont have to wait 2 months, custom pieces take awhile b/c its only one guy doing them drew. As the production line is multiple people thus should be spit out alot faster.

  10. Ok i was thinkinthat too but what u think of a ice choke?? I rather have the ice pinch you know

  11. hey guys,the logics are in full production,and ready to ship.
    Their also meeting my exacting standards and newer design.The disks have 50 holes. Either them or the waffle have 0 resistance or i will reblow it. Ive designed them alot shorter too.
    Most are 17 to 20 inch. The constriction pinch is more sturdy and less fragile than regular ice pinches but we make them both and the regular 3 punches are reinforced with clear glass to thicken and strength. Not to mention every single hole on my logics work,guaranteed or i reblow.Dude,these pieces are off the hook for production.i will post milk vids and closeups on diffusion.
    Mine do what no ones else do...ull see.
    And the jumbos are normally done in 65 to 75 mm glass which is much better design.
    Pm for any more questions
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    i will be ordering one in couple weeks if all goes well. i kinda like how the new stemlines v2 are 50mm or 60mm to 38mm, with a lowered disc,pretty close to the waffle. Also do the waffles have actual gridding,because the ones i seen just have round holes,the gridding would be best. Thankfully there are shorter now to because in the pics on etsy,it looks intimidating :hello: It will be my birthday present to myself. Also just got my gst tax cheque today.

  13. They have 50 holes in each and i think that makes them so smooth ud fucking trip on these bongs. gridding the holes is possible but i want to see if that causes drag first.
  14. Sweet,i'm stoked,going to be ordering one for sure in the next couple weeks.

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