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  1. Here's the skinny - bought 2 oz of really killer, tight bud herb last winter. Found 4 seeds in it. Grew them this year outdoors. First grow, have read alot but nothing hands on. 1 killed by slugs, 1 shredded by hail, 1 male, so now I have 1 female @ 3 1/2' tall. I topped it i think twice so now I have 4 good main stalks on it. It is budding but the buds seem awful small to me - very popcornish, like the tip of my thumb on the ones near the top. I have been feeding it with 10-30-10 every other watering. No burn all looks good except the size of the buds. I have in in like a 3 maybe 4 gallon pot. I'll try to get a picture later but it's total stealth and if Wifey knew I was growing it would not be good. As I figure up here in Maine we have like 2 maybe 3 weeks left. Is it possible that they'll go on a growth spurt or is my plant dwarfed for some odd reason? Too small a container? An indoor strain outside? I know it is hard to diagnose without a pic but I guess my question to all you heads is what would be some possible causes for smallish buds when I am guessing they should be much bigger? I mean it smells killer, looks killer, I'll take what I get but I am asking for future reference unless there is something I can do now to remedy it. Sorry for the bad grammar- at work - doing this fast. Thanks folks.
  2. Possible cause could be.....they arent done yet. You got at least another month left man, give it time.
  3. Yeah, over anxious I guess. I just see all the pics of other people's and am like why doesn't mine look like that? I suppose I've got to the first maybe second week of Oct. Thanks for the reply man.
  4. You just need to wait. I have 4 plants that are budding like crazy and then I got three that just started to flower.
  5. yeah i got a strain i thought world bud out in 6 weeks and i been growing it since february and it s been budding for 7 weeks and has at leats 2 more to go so yeah just be patient

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