Dwarfed leaves on seedling wtf

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  1. Ok my white widow seedling has dwarfed leaves on one side and the new ones coming up look like it's going to have the same problem.

    Anyone know what this is, and why it's happening? I figure it's just genetics.

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  2. It's fine in fact it's GOOD !! having almost developed leaves at that stage is great the more leaves and the bigger the leaves the faster the plant will grow, and yes it's genetics i have seen this with white widows a few times.
  3. Yeah it looks like it's doing good.. ;)
  4. Welcome to my thread everybody. Thanks for chiming in. Ok cool so everything is good.

    Makes me feel much better.

  5. Yep everything is fine, i would give her a little water she looks a bit dry, well lets hope it's a she :p.

    Remember not to use nutes until a month into the grow.

    Feel free to PM me if you have any questions
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    Fo sho I got it under control, this is my first good genetic grow, I have harvested 3 others before these, thanks for the reply

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