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    i have a plants that were indoors untill my cheap lgihts stopped working, i then moved them outdoors after they became light deficient they are now healthy but havent really grown much i dont have any burnt leaves or dying leaves they are close to a stream and have been gettin enough water but not too much what could be the problem?? they are almost 2 months old and only six or seven inches high what would i do to make them grow more??
    i used nutrients when they were young but much less than was recomended could it be that that stunted thier growth??

    any advice would be great thanks

  2. well i would say that you shouldnt use ferts till they are at least 6 in. then use whats on the bottle at 1/4 the strength it says. do this for about a week. it could be that you stunted the growth with too much ferts. that would usually burn them out though. How long was the light off? are you still giving ferts? what has been the temp where you live? high/low. in 2 months you should have a plant at least 3ft tall. it could also be getting too much water. have the leaves been drooping? puting a plant next to a constant water source isnt always the best bet, because they like the dry to wet, dry to wet you just need to give a little more info to tell
  3. yeah they were burned alittle when they were young, the bottom couple leaves died when they were only a couple inches, i bet it was the fert i used too early. i havent been using them anymore and i dont think its gettin too much water. the plant looks good just very small. should i start ferts again in low concentration or something else?
  4. Pics would really help us see if it's stunted, a really low plant, or if it's a dwarf.
  5. hah sorry that pictures bad quality/huge, but yeah this plant is actually about three months old and has shown its sex to be female. it didnt have any nut burn when it was young but it was fed nutrients too early im pretty sure.

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