Dwarf/Mutant flowers

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by forest green, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. I have very retarded developing flowers on about 80% of blueberry. There are two perfectly good branches with outstanding flowers, and the entire plant is extremely healthy with no signs of stress or difficiency in the leaves. The flowers on the rest of the plant are underdeveloped, rubbery looking, with pistols barely growing and turning orange, then stagnant (80% of flowers only)My question is , could it be a genetic freak, or could it be difficient of something? If a plant is difficient of specific nutrients, wouldn't there be evidence in the leaves (only the flowers are affected)
  2. i would just let it continue the way it is right now what type of fert are you using? sometimes sativa plants take longer for flowering especially when its a mutant plant if it had no problems from early its defently genetics some people correct this problem with adding more light in the grow good luck man
  3. My question is , could it be a genetic freak


    or maybe the strain is stable and genetically freaked, so in a sense u got what the genes are ever gonna be.

    or maybe it got a virus or some other pathogen.

    or maybe those meristems got damaged in some way like burnt or who knows.

    but my guess is that its just a freak and dont seed it.

    or dont blame me when u smoke it and u jump off a bridge thinking ur hideous :)

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