Dwarf/mini Plants?

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  1. I would realy like to know how to grow a dwarf plant. And what I would need.
    Please post pics if you have grown 1.
  2. to grow a dwarf plant you can probably just use a few cfl bulbs. You can start it at 24/0 for a few weeks and then go straight to 12/12 as soon as its done with the seedling stage
  3. I think it would still grow into a bigger plant then I want if I do that. I'm wanting 1 that's only about 12in tall
  4. Need help? Please anyone
  5. Hopefully some answers will come in haha. I have been after the same goal myself, but I can go up to 3ft if I wanted. I don't though, I am after short plants .
    I can say this though, it helps to get a lowrider strain because they are genetically engineered for this kind of situation. If you don't have access to those then you can always just use tie downs to manipulate the plant growth. It is best to avoid growing a sativa strain at all costs if you want a short plant as well. If you do end up with a sativa then don't expect this to be possible.
    There is still a lot more I want to know on the subject though so I hope to see some good info on this thread eventually.
  6. Ohjay is correct.. jesus you ask for advice and you fucking ignore the best one, fuck sake
  7. Spanky. If I grow a plant for 24/0 for a few weeks with doing nothing else I'm not gonna get what I want . I'm looking for realy small plants thant wont get bigger than 12-18in.
  8. Thank you all for the help :)
  9. I cut down a pumpkin and a tiny.plant grew from the stem.

    If you prune it propperly it will remain small

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  10. You can grow most plants as bonsai if you LST them correctly. I'm also running a short grow, trying to immitate mrbear's methods. Check out dudenochance's links to see the plants mrbear grew.
  11. The size of the plant is directly connected to the size of pot you are using and how much its roots can grow, the amount of light it receives each day, the temperature in your grow space and the techniques you will use to hold it as low as possible. If you see some party cup grows the plants grown inside are very small. That is because they have no more room for the plant's roots to grow so the plant itself can not grow as well. Also if you look for plants grown under 12/12 from seed a method popular especially among SoG growers you will see that removing the vegetative growth you can get the smallest plant possible. Of course that gives you space to play around by having lets say a couple of weeks vegetative state or something. Naturally this only applies to phenos as autos do not care about light hours. Hope i helped, as this is what i have understood from what i have read.  

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