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  1. Whats the best DVD burning software for free?
    I downloaded a movie and I want to burn it to a DVD so I can watch it on my TV
    any suggestions?
  2. dvd shrink
    dvd decrypter
  3. Toast Titanium converts pretty much every file and burns it to a DVD to be watchable in any DVD player, it's the best one. Other then that, Nero is very good if you only have windows and don't want Toast.
  4. Well, Actually, If you are downloading movies I'd bet they are in an AVI format.

    Use "ConvertXToDVD", it converts avi to dvd format and burns the disc with one program, You can set up a main menu, with a background image or gif and music or sound. It's probably the easiest conversion software IMO.
  5. convertxtodvd is the easiest software to use. download utorrent which is a free torrent downloader from utorrentdotcom. go to kickasstorrentsdotcom and search for convertxtodvd...download the latest version. install...slap in blank dvd..choose your movie...click burn. pretty simple software.
  6. sorry have no idea. just try google. You know many resources..
  7. I would have to say convertvtodvd its not free but you can torrent it. But thats only good if you download avi. files i think i am not sure if it work with other files.
  8. DVD Flick is a free download. Not fancy, but it works...

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