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  1. It's not really something I hear discussed a lot, but I at least enjoy listening to a lot of the commentary tracks on my DVDs. Anyone else?

    I don't really have a single favorite; Kevin Smith always has a fun commentary track on all his DVDs, and the Apatow flicks are usually good for a good laugh.

    On the more technical side of things, the Star Wars Trilogy DVD set's commentary tracks are really informative and entertaining.

    If you're a commentary fan, what are some favorites?
  2. Sky Dog's dreams have been shattered....

    But on topic the commentary on super troopers, specifically the scene where they chug the syrup, is hilarious.

    Those guys are funny mofos.
  3. I figured anytime is a good time for this thread

    Akira Kurasawa's commentary on Seven Samurai

    The commentary track on all Kevin Smith movies

    Cannibal the Musical has a great one

    Joss Whedon's commentary on Serenity

    Joss Whedon and crews commentary on Serenity
  4. Family Guy DVDs have funny commentary

    I think I've only listened to the commentary on one full length movie...I'm trying to remember what it was. I think it was Saving Silverman.
  5. turn on the audio commentaries for the visually impared on V for vendetta.

    awful film in my opinion but with a quirky narration using a very strange (almost clockwork orange like) vocabulary it becomes amusing enough to watch =D
  6. cheech n chong up in smoke ~ great commentary
  7. Kevin Smith is just a funny guy in general. His live Q&As are so worth the price of admission. Plus if you won't ever meet a more humble dude.
  8. Yeah, all the Kevin Smith movies have hilarious commentaries. The Clerks X edition and Mallrats the most.

    Joss Whedon also does great commentaries
  9. director commentary for walle is pretty good... the time and dedication the pixar team put into their movies is unbelievable..

    i also learned that the guy who led the sound effects team was the guy who did the sound effects for the original start wars, and the lasers from blasters and tie fighters and whatnot were made by stretching out a slinky and tapping one side while recording it.

    the more you know...

    i dont watch commentary often though, walle was probably the first one i watched from beginning to end.
  10. I like it when I know a movie so well that I just need something new to enhance the experience for me ya know? Commentary track on the original Conan movie with Arnold and the director is priceless!!!! Might need the collectors edition for it ahaha :D

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