DUTY FEES for Glass Bongs? (To Canada)

Discussion in 'General' started by Vhorthex, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. Hello,

    I'm curious if anyone has received an article from Grasscity and reside in Canada? I'm trying to figure out if whether they apply for Duty fees?

    The parts I ordered could look like Lab equipment, it's a percolator and a slide, no actual bong, would that pass without Duty? lol

    I did order a Blaze Glass Percolator Bong, which I'm afraid I might get taxed on.

    Anybody know the rate? I saw that smoking pipes seem to have 6.5% but for a dozen pipes... Does this mean if you only have 1 it's no duty?

    Last question, is that the value declared of the package DOES NOT include the shipping fees right? I don't want to pay the taxes off the total amount of the purchase, it's supposed to be on the article itself.

    So blades? Any fellow Canadians in there? (I'll gladly read any experience regardless of the country just as reference!)

  2. Bro, we live in Canada...you can get this shit anywhere.

    Don't let customs put your name on a list, because they will.
  3. A list? I was arrested back in the day, so I'm on a "list" in any case.

    And as for finding this stuff anywhere in Canada. It depends, a lot of the headshops I saw didn't have any of the more 'advanced' glass stuff. Generic small glass pipes, I never saw a perc in one of them. :/

    Maybe I wasn't lucky with the ones i visited, but I was always rather disappointed. And most of the bongs i saw were acrylic bongs. :(

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