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  1. Yeah, what a first post!
    Ordered some seeds form dutchseedsshop.com, not even thinking to research.... well it turned out there were a few negative reviews.
    My experience was great, It only took seven days to get my seeds and on top of that I ordered 10 femenised and was to get 20 free random seeds, I requested some more femenized seeds instead of a bunch of unknown seeds and when I opened my package I received a total of 27 female new york power diesel.... What a steal.
    Don't be afraid to save a bunch of money by ordering from Ivan at dutchseedsshop.com
    I now have the seed's in sprout mode......... 
    Thanks Ivan
    Go green U.S.A

  2. OK the above was my comment on ...said seed bank... all I can say is for 20 plus seeds ....these seeds are shit....do not order.
    Im an idiot

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