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Dutchmaster Blunts

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Splifster, Jan 25, 2004.


Which way is best?

  1. Unravel

    0 vote(s)
  2. Crack

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  1. ok who hear rolls them where you unravel the top layer than crack it, and who cracks it just as it comes. I have done both, want some opinions on which you think is easier, tighter, better hitting, better tasting.

    Personally when i started out i used to unravel, i found it easier, but now i prefer to just crack it like a philly, altho i find it slightly harder i find it yields better blunts usualy.
  2. Good poll. I always just unravel them, never tried to just crack em like Phillies. My friend back home does it both ways and he's fucking sick at both. Me I'm just good at unraveling em and wrapping em back up.
  3. i pack mine i suck......
  4. Unraval em.
  5. i like both, but im better at unravelling them...
  6. unravel it cause then you get it tighter so it burns slower. also you can make it more even so it hits smother and stuff. Oh yeah and white their is nothin wrong with rolling a goddy you can pack so much more but it takes so damn long.
  7. bigger blunts I unravel.... sometimes when i buy a nice bag of smoke i often get a pack of colt mini cigars..... I empty those buggers out and pack them nice.... sweet tipped blunts.... very very delicious...

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