Dutches over Backwoods

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  1. Heres a thread to GC

    this doesnt make it what word is bond because its an opinion, I guess its a west coast thing for backwoods but I love dutches

    Dutch Palma no sigar regular plane cigar with a leaf

    so here it is
  2. vanilla dutches > all

  3. that isnt the poll

  4. Fuck yeah, I love vanilla dutches. I've never rolled one though but I do enjoy the flavor. I haven't had one in a while.

    I have no idea wtf backwoods are so I voted dutches. Personally, I prefer swishers. I always roll nice swishers :cool: do vanilla swishers exist? :confused:
  5. everyone & they momma knows dutches are for eastcoast bammer smokers!

  6. there are 2 vanila dutches

    vanilla cornona

    vanilla palma

    palma is not sugarcoated and comes in a blue foil wrap now or a brown 4 pack box

  7. you just mad dutches aint sold in cali and you still mad you caught a broomstick

    everything aint better in cali, sorry bruh, people dont lie

    and if I could afford to buy a camera instead of a car id show off my weed but im not dropping 300 to show my weed to gc lmao
  8. I wish I made the votes public then it would show the 2 other votes came out of spite from the NBA thread :laughing:
  9. I've never heard of corona or palma dutches :confused_2:

    What I see at the store is always this: mini dutches (all flavours, the most popular), swishers, phillies, normal dutches and that's it. Maybe they have those other ones like owls or w/e other ones exist but I've never seen them or heard anyone using those to roll up a blunt here.
  10. backwoods all day

  11. I only used dutches a few times but I like them...never used backwoods. I like white owls, donno what others think of them but I fucking love white grape white owls, would never buy anything else for blunts lol.
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    Is that what backwoods are?

    I'll stick to my swishers :hide:

  13. Dutches are sold in cali, its just no one smokes the crap
  14. thats half a backwood

    i roll swishers too but they dont taste as good as backwoods plus you know you are smoking the tobacco leaf and with swishers you dont really know.
  15. swishers are a go to blunt, but if youve never had a backwood...o boy (smoke better, taste better, get u higher)

    & i dont need to show off my bud, it has that cali brand - so everybody already knows
  16. its like honda to bmw

    u gotta know how to roll them tho

  17. dutches are a cleaner smoother smoke :smoke:

    got one lit now

    DJ short grape crush 2 and threw in some gran daddy
  18. Backwoods for sure.
  19. I was smoking a dox of dutches a day ( 4) I cut way down...

    if im ruining my body with blunts, I might as well get the most "healthy" ones...

    ones with no sugar coating

    if it has a flavor...i dont want to inhale that shit...

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