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  1. Growing Dutch Treat X NL X WW

    100% germination of 10 seeds on 5-20-02. Put them into peat pots under four 40 watt fluorescent 24 hours temperature 78 degrees, set the lights 2" distance from plants. On 5-22-02 4 of the plants got fried. 5-29-02 Potted them up with Schultz soil mix and dolomite lime into 4" pots. 6-08-02 Plants have 3 sets of leaves. Mixed 1/4 tsp. of Peters 20-20-20 and a 1/2 tsp. of epsom salts in a gallon of water and applied to plants on 6-06-02. Again fertilized with same on 6-17-02. Plants repotted into 6" pots of the following soil mix;

    1 bag (approx. 16 gal.) Cedar Grove potting soil
    1/4 volume of perlite
    4 cups bonemeal
    2 cups bloodmeal
    1 cup kelp meal

    Put plants under 400 HPS circulating air with fan under 18 hrs.of light. Avg. height of plants: 8". Avg.number of nodes: 5. Soil ph: 7.0

    6-26-02 temp high 95 degrees. Humidity 50%. 6-27-02 sprayed the leaves with Organics liquid kelp. 7-02-02 Repotted plants into 3 gal. pots. Used Schultz soil mix, Added 50% of volume with perlite, 2 cups of kelp meal, dolomite, and 25% of volume with composted steer manure.

    7-10-02 Avg. height: 12 ". Temp: 76 degrees. Humidity: 65%. Soil ph: 7.0

    7-13-02 Tem: 82.4. Humidity: 46%. Fertilized with 1 gal of water mixed with 1/2 tsp. of epsom salt, 1 tsp. of Sam's Deep Fertilizing Tomato Food (18-18-21) and 2 tsp. of hydrogen peroxide.

    7-15 -02 Temp: 78 degrees. Humidity 55%. Plants are deep green color, short internodal space, lots of side branching, very bushy and I have not topped or cut. Avg. height: 18"

    I can't decide whether to top them. I kinda like single colas because they can get so thick and tall.

    As soon as I figure out how to post pics I will include them.
  2. Watch the ferts though,,,to green is not desired,,,A Ph of 7.0 is a little high,,try knocking that back a bit,,no more than 6.8 tops.....keep us posted...can't wait to see pic..

  3. I use Super Thrive and Sam's Choice Deep Feeding tomato plant food 18-18-21. I gave the plants just water with epsom salt a few days ago. I have set the timer for 12/12 today. When the plants need watering again I will use 1/4 tsp. of Jack's Classic Blossom Booster 10-30-20 in a gallon of water for each plant.

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  4. Thanks nightmareb for your support. Especially the heads up about growth during flowering. I have enough heighth in my grow area to handle a doubling of size, luckily. Sure hope more ladies turn up than gents when sex is apparent. I plan to post more pics.
  5. way to go on height control...it works in your favor...plants can double,even triple in height when flowering,and elongation set in...and a close watch sure keeps it in check..

    check from the 4th to about the 7th node up,,for preflower signs,,,this could give you a little edge on timing..

    make sure pots are not rootbound if you intend to continue flowering,,it will affect the yield greatly..

    have fun....keep up the good grow..

  6. The pH has to be lowered. I mixed up some dolomite lime with the watering so hopefully this will bring down the pH.
    I checked them last evening. They have really grown. The avg. height is 26". Here are some pics. What do you think? Are they doing good?

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  7. Whoops.... Here are the ones easier to see.

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