Dutch street food.

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  1. In Holland we have these places called snackbars. They sell a huge variety of deep fried snacks.

    This is a kroket:
    It's my favorite. It's usually served with some mustard.

    This is a frikandel:
    It's basically a sausage but the skin is not at all chewy. What makes it so great are the AWESOME spices that go into it. I know of nothing that tastes similar. Often times it's served on a bun, or sliced open with mayo, ketchup, and chopped onions in the middle.

    This is a kaassoufflé:
    It's basically a crunchy crust of bread crumbs with molten cheese inside. Delicious.

    Then apart from your regular french fries they have "raspatat":
    Instead of sliced potatoes, this is made from mashed potatoes. It's much more crunchy on the outside, and softer on the inside.

    Also they have a huge variety of sauces to go with your french fries. My favorite is mayo and peanut sauce with chopped onions on top. This is called "oorlog".

    It's almost as if these places were invented for stoners.

    I always keep a pack of kroketten in the freezer, sometimes I make my own too, but this take hours.

    Here is some more Dutch food I regularly enjoy on my stoned adventures. Raw herring with onions when I'm at the beach, freshly made stroopwafels when I'm downtown. It's a miracle that I'm still skinny.

    In the coffeeshop where I always go on the weekends, they'll go around with a tray of freshly baked brownies. Free of charge. That's one of the reasons I choose that particular one (and because they have the best weed in town).
  2. Fucking stoners eat like bears getting ready for winter, we instinctually find the food with the highest caloric values. Great looking munchies dude!
  3. fucking love EVERYTHING posted in this thread

    saute sauce is the SHIIIIIIIIIT with fries :yummy:
  4. Have you had one of those freshly baked stroopwafel's yet? Usually I'm more into salty food for muncies, but I definately make exceptions for those. Espceially in the winter time.

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