Dutch Researcher Created A Super-Influenza Virus With The Potential To Kill Millions

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  1. how could a researcher, who is supposed to be smart, do something that stupid?
  2. i think the end of the world will follow a widespread virus that wipes out a good 50-80% of all life on the planet.

    why are people working on shit like this anyways?
  3. no big deal

    a few years back, a country known as the land of the free and the home of the brave, dropped 2 bombs on another country. these bombs were so powerful, that the entire city was left in ruble, in an instant.

    and if the destruction wasnt enough, anyone who was "lucky" enough to survive, got lukemia.

    shortly before this, a man know as hitler rounded up 6 million jews and killed them. he didnt need a fancy virus to get 6 million kills did he.

    now go back even further. the black plague, which was not even man made, killed 2/3 of EVERYONE

    some scientist thinking they are badass cause they made a super virus, i laugh at him. join the club.

    humans are a very persistant race, and i highly doubt a man made virus will kill every last human.

    not that this sint scary, dont get me wrong, i dont want to die of a mutated bird virus. but i dont think the world will end because of this
  4. We don't know if it will kill every last human...but it's pretty much the only answer to our problems at the moment. Overpopulation!(with this I refer to all the problems that are caused by this). If 50% of humans were to be dead, most of our problems would be abolished.
  5. I mean I could possibly understand the potential of creating a virus to test vaccines against, but I'm not too sure about this one. The Netherlands: land of tulips, windmills, and man-made viruses strong enough to destroy most of our population.
  6. My vote is for him to release the virus and grab a bag of popcorn; should be a fun show. This world needs some serious purging.
  7. This research was done, Why? who will this research help? apart from the survivors it it causes mass death.
    also i thought that calendar had been debunked? at leased the 2012 date.
  8. Haven't you noticed yet that science is a gift and a curse? Intentions would have it no other way..
  9. He didn't make the virus to kill people and I'm sure he is not intending for this to become a biological weapon. He created it so they can figure a cure for it before the virus naturally forms and kills people. He is just looking ahead to get vaccines that way it can be treated if it ever forms.
  10. no. the answer to overpopulation is not to kill half the population. and no, our problems are not cause by overpopulation.

    everyone deserves to live, and we need to bring more lives into the world. the answer is to use our recources correctly, and fund space colonization, instead of war, and capitolism.

    99% of all problems in the world are caused by greed/glutony.

    99% of everything on the planet is owned by the top 1% of the population.

    our middle class in developed nations, especially the US, is wasteful enough to support 2-3 times the current population easy

    the ammount of stuff owned by the 1% alone could sustane double the current population alone, and comfortably.

    the point of life is to live, reproduce, and then try not to die. that is and always has been, our goal as lifeforms. humans are no different. and in order to keep up the trend, we need more planets, not less people :smoke:
  11. What ever happens, happens.
  12. I think censorship is unacceptable, but in this case I would hope that this recipe is banned from being published. If that recipe gets leaked then I have no doubt that someone will try to use it...
  13. why would you ever create a virus like that. thats stupid. what good can possibly come of it?
  14. Yea this is the time, im going to sacrifice for all of your sins and get infected with the crazy virus, then infect everyone else :)

  15. It allows scientists to start developing cures and vaccines in case this virus ever naturally forms. It's not like he's makin a biological weapon, he is just releasing this so scientists all over can work on vaccines. Their thinking ahead, not trying to kill people.

    If this virus formed naturally and we had no way to cure it, scores of people would die. Making this virus before nature makes it gives us time to create vaccines amd cures
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    How is this any different from the many biological arms programs that 17 nations in the world developed at one point in their history? Some nations like the US and Russia, still have many stockpiles of biological agents that could be used in a hypothetical biological war that have the ability to kill millions (if not billions) of humans around the globe.

    Homo sapiens, for all its brilliance, is a dumb animal.

    Let's use the "intelligence" we posses for a greater common good (there's nothing wrong with researching biological agents, just be careful, as with any technology that has potential for abuse).

  17. Fixed it.
  18. What are your guys' thoughts on HIV being released as a biological "weapon"? I absolutely despise conspiracies, but this one holds considerable merit to me considering the concern of overpopulation. Not only that, but I bet they could cure it if they truly cared..

  19. Couldn't agree more. We have the ability to wipe out our entire species, but we get gridlocks in government over simple debates.

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