Dutch Passions the Ultimate Vertical Tree Grow

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    This grow is almost done but I wanted to show "The Ultimate" for its full potential. This is a vertical tree grow, vegged under a 600 watt MH for 6 weeks at 18 hours on.

    System is as follows:

    4 - 5 gallon buckets
    30 gallon Rez
    Grow Rocks
    DWC with 60 gallons per hour of recirculated nutrient solution from top feed tubes for each bucket
    110 litre air pump for 4 buckets and Rez
    General Hydro Flora series (measurements based on 30 gallon Rez) as follows

    Start nutrients vary from plant to plant so ive left that out. Start the nutrient cycle below once the plant enters into vegetative growth.

    Veg for 6 weeks

    Flora Micro - 120 ml
    Flora Grow - 180 ml
    Flora Bloom - 60 ml
    Floralicious Plus - 30 ml
    Flora blend - 240 ml
    Superthrive - cap full
    Hygrozyme - 240 ml...expensive but do not go without in hydro systems

    Bud 7 weeks with 1 week flush

    Flora Micro - 120 ml
    Flora Grow - 60 ml
    Flora Bloom - 180
    Floralicious Plus - 30 ml
    Flora Blend - 240 ml
    Liquid Kool Bloom...30 ml weeks 1 & 2.........60 ml weeks 3, 4, & 5
    Powder Kool Bloom...6 small scoops weeks 5 & 6.....the scooper that comes with it has a big and little end, use the little.
    Hygrozyme....use 240 ml through veg up until week 7 of bloom
    Superthrive - cap full

    Week 7...flush with FloraKleen for 2-3 days...then empty and put fresh ph balanced water for remainder of week. I started using FloraKleen first because the taste was better and bud smoked easier when I switched.

    I usually change nutrient solution every two weeks...only adding what the plants look like they need in between to the Rez. Each plant is different but a great starting point is about 1/3rd of the full dose.

    Ph starts at 6.5 and I let it drop to 5.8-6.2 on its own.

    That's about it, any questions just let me know.

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  2. Oh yeah, the Ultimate. I bought 5 seeds through the Attitude, all popped and 1 hermied two weeks into flower so keep a close eye...i caught it day one of showing so no harm done. The plant growth is crazy fast...I've never seen a plant add mass so fast. You can literally watch the buds getting fatter in a day. The smell is very unique, like a fruity fresh honey clean smell....very nice!

    As you can see from the room pick, the pheno's are very different with height...but all produce fat buds. I picked the middle right as my keeper, it showed manageable stretch, fattest buds, and heaviest crystal coverage. So out of five, I've found a prize winner. I did keep cuts of the rest at my mates, just in case smoke was better from the others. Primarily I'm looking for the closest 50/50 indica/sativa which I think I've found.

    Also, I use 5 lights in flower, all vertical...1000 watt HPS in the middle is on for the full 12. 4 - 600 watts are in the corners and alternated on for 6 hours in a straight line pattern. I actually run a FlipBox as I have two of these rooms running 24/7/365...the veg room is separate. If you are curious, the other room is currently running 4 Bubblegums from TH seeds. Veg room currently has Chocolope and another round of The Ultimate lined up when this finishes.

    Pictures above are from weeks 5 and 6...buds are twice that size now and only 7-10 days away from harvest.
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    Here's another good shot of a few tops at 5 weeks.

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  4. Started chopping them down, here's a few pics of some of the tops. Initial guesstimate of total weight...I'm going to say 6lbs. off the 4 plants. The cut buds have filled the harvest room with a fruity black pepper smell. The last two weeks it will pack on massive weight and crystals...so don't be discouraged by the lack of trichomes if you decide to grow The Ultimate, it will surprise you for sure.

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    i guess im not amazed that your sweet ass thread didn't take off here at gc... a lot of kids and haters that think they know it all about growing, yet I believe you are the only thread on any vertical indoor that produced these type of massive results using coco! I congratulate you on this, im sorry that others here are intimidated ;)  fuck it bro, keep doing what you do...looks like a much more dialed in grow than any other ive come across on this site!
  6. those are some fat colas sir
  7. Thanks man. Yeah, I've been surprised by the lack of interest...but I'm not in this for rep. I just thought there would be some people interested in making a set up like this, the results speak for themselves I believe. Took me around 3 years to finally dial it all in, now I can leave for days and the op runs like a well oiled machine.

    I'm popping Big Buddha Chiesel and Jorge's Diamonds #1 currently, I'll make a journal from start to finish and that'll probably be it for me....at least on here. In my experience, and I've been at this for 18 years, the ones who think they know everything don't know shit. I still learn something new every grow.
  8. Thanks for sharing just picked up an Ultimate clone- the guy I got it from said its a slow grower and she'll eat a lot of food
  9. Hey brother, nice grow... and I've been at this long enough to know the difference, too.

    I'm continually astonished at how hard it is to convince people that vertical gardens work better under artificial light.

    So, Fuck 'em! I'm getting mine as dialed in as yours, and I'm looking for similar numbers.

    I got a little more structured with a big vertical trellis, but whatever works...

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