Dutch Passion Strawberry Cough vs. other strawberry cough?

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  1. I just spent a shitton of money getting 5 Dutch Passion SC fem seeds and now I'm reading that it's not the "real" SC... can someone back this up? I got SC solely because it has a reputation for killing anxiety and unfortunately for some reason these days pretty much all the weed I try is making me anxious :( I don't know why, because 6 months ago I was smoking and was care free... evidently I had some different kind of strain, maybe a 100% indica or something?

    Anyways... can anyone relate their experience with Dutch Passion Strawberry Cough? I've read the high is "average" but as long as it nukes anxiety I'll be happy!

    I've looked all over this other Strawberry Cough, Kyle Kushman's, but don't see anywhere to buy it...

    thanks guys.
  2. kyle kushmans is the legit one that originates from a strawberry fields strain which isnt around anymore. the dutch passion one is a dutch knockoff and not comparable to the original.. sorry m8
  3. Hate to be off topic tKb but is their Blueberry strain equally a knock off too?

    Goodluck on the Strawberry Cough
  4. It's a closer representation of DJ Shorts true blueberry traits than kyle the kushman's strawberry cough. But thats not saying much.. The only things Dutch Passion does right in my opinion are their skunks.. Everything else seems to be watered down versions of elite genetics.
  5. Like you, I have been looking into the Dutch Passion Strawberry Cough. I found an old High Times article from 2005 that said that the DP Strawberry Cough was the only version available in seed form. Everything else has said that Strawberry Cough is a clone only strain.

    If Dutch Passion says that their Strawberry Cough if is good for anxiety, then it is probably so. However, I don't care about anxiety. I am after the ""strawberry cough." In the area of flavor, I understand that the Dutch Passion SC is lacking on flavor too. I am still ordering the Dutch Passion SC, just to see for myself, but I expect to be disappointed.
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    What I believe to have happened was this....A Kyle Kushman's Strawberry Cough clone made it's way to Amsterdam or Switzerland via....doesn't matter..private jet...perhaps.

    Dutch Passion took the sacred cutting, and off to breeding rooms they went. The mistake was not vegging the Cough clone, taking several cuts in 6 weeks, stress one, flip her and create an S1 for us to enjoy something elite, and redeem their image as the best producer of a lot of mediocre cultivars that demonstrate their lack of understanding selective cannabis breeding.

    Knowing that the name would sell, they took their nicest strawberry flavored Swiss Hemp, I mean "Swiss Sativa",right...because Strawberry flavor plus strawberry flavor,....means the resulting cross is 2x the strawberry flavor...because that is how cannabis works, I'm pretty sure....but NO...it's not, they diluted something special and it's an inferior attempt of making a reliable strawberry strain from seed.

    Next time you're seeds shopping online, just keep your eyes moving when you see dutch passion and greenhouse. ...Paradise Rox kicks DP's Cough in the beaver and then spits on her. Cash Crop Ken's Kish (shishkaberry) I have tried a it and it tasted very candy strawberry, but then there was also a faint hint of cardboard and strawberries, or like a no sugar cereal.. strawberry & grainy....ah ha that's it....

    Once again, I don't really know for a fact that this situation is true, what do you think?
  7. Got 6 females from pack DP strawberry. One was some of the best smoke ever, the other five were average to below. The tall pheno is the one. Have grown Blueberry(OK), Mazar, Sk1, Sk11, and think maybe one more, from DP. There are so many better breeders out there that I would never buy from them(DP) again, especially the fem seeds. Mr Nice has product that is top line. JoeyWeed has given me some great crops(cheap seeds), Paradise seeds(very good), Serious(solid), on and on before ever getting near DP. Good growing!
  8. Dutch Passion used to be very highly regarded, as was Greenhouse but it seems like DP's strains are a lot more likely to hermie than others. I have Perplex and Strawberry Cough and I like both strains, especially 'Cough but they will both produce pollen if stressed too much. Perplex is on my chopping block but I will never get rid of my cut of Strawberry Cough. Extremely tastey and stinky, and the high is great for daytime smoke. I like to take it with me when I go camping but i have to be very carefull about the smell. When you open the jar, it reaks of over-ripe, almost rotten strawberrys and when you light it, it reaks and the wind will carry that shit for a mile! As far as the true lineage, it's anyones guess, but the story I've heard is that it was an elite strain bred in Amhearst, Mass and DP got the cut and started with their breeding program. I would be interested to see another version of this strain.
  9. My next grow will be a AutoMazar. I think DP has great seeds as far as I have read. There will always be some people who will not like a company.

    Just try the seeds out. Take care of the plants and let them grow. You be the judge :) don't let others bum you out especially if you haven't even tried them yet.
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