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  1. I bought master kush from dutch pasion and it seems to be growing very well. I might buy more strains from them but I dont know how good they are going to be.

    Has anybody bought from dutch pasion before?
  2. :wave: Not tried the Master Kush but I have tried a few DP strains and they have all been great. I like the Orange bud, its a 100% skunk strain and is great to grow and to smoke. DP blueberry is also better than any other blueberry you will find out there without going to DJ shorts.
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    I have heard of DP seeds herming out a lot.
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    So had I but then I tried them out and had no problems at all.
  5. I too had a bad experience with some Dutch Passion Blueberry seeds several years ago.
    From what I understand though, DP has farmed out their breeding projects to the folks at Dinafem.
    So quality from DP seems to have improved over the last couple of years from what I've read.
    Personally, I still wouldn't chance it though.
    Good luck.

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