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Dutch or MMJ

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by addlestoner, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. I know im going to get alot of biast views but heck i want an answer. Ive been to the dam a few times and someof the strains blew my mind (super amnesia haze was wow). But my question is on average what weed is the most chronic Calis MMJ or Dutch?
  2. Never been to Dam or cali but i recently heard that the quality of weed in coffee shops is going down and i've never heard anything negative about cali's MMJ
  3. all weed grown legally is gonna be tops.

    well is should be atleast.

    so dont forget all the other legal states.
  4. I didnt forget them but i heard for overall quality calis the top.
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    been to both. i visit friends in LA who got the hook up, but i also moved to LA and was part of the med scene for a while back in 2007...lived there for about 4 months. so i got a good idea of what the LA meds are like.

    i went to amsterdam for the first time this past january. loved it. heres what ill say about the two:

    Amsterdam definitely doesn't disappoint, but i feel like I was more impressed with the selection in LA. i had some of the dankest bud in LA, like the trainwreck and grand daddy purps I first got or the variety of kushs. in Amsterdam they love hazes and sativa strains, but seem to lack in good indicas especially kushs which are some of my fav. maybe it also depends on what the growers are growing at the time but I felt in LA you could find all types of shit anywhere at any time. hazes, skunks, kush, diesel, purps, everything. in the dam I didn't find any purps, few kushs, 1 diesel, no skunk it was dominated by haze strains like amnesia haze, Neville haze or g13 haze. at least for their top of the line shit that is. maybe haze and sativa strains just tend to be more expensive than the indicas, so i never got to sample them? I always tried to get a new strain but i also tried to limit myself to the coffeeshops top level shit. i remember barneys had this pure sativa strain called 'dr. grinspoon' and it was an awsome sativa but looked amazing...there were no real buds/colas, it was literally just long, thin, wiry stems with 1 small bulb of bud sticking out of it every inch or so. this was unlike any sativa ive ever seen, but ive seen pure sativas in LA that came close. NOTHING in amsterdam came even close to the look or high of dr. grinspoon. this strain was so expensive too...maybe cuz pure sativas like that are hard toc ome by in the dam? like i said in LA, i feel like u can come across buds like that a little more often.

    anyways if I were to put the two against each other in terms of quality and selection, I would say LA barely wins. amsterdam wins for the overall experience of course. take into consideration i was only in amsterdam for about 5 days, but in terms of selection i felt like amsterdam coffeeshops were selling more or less the same kinds of strains. the quality from shop to shop will vary obviously but in terms of genetics, it seemed like there were alot of the same going around town. esp. on the sativa side. LA i felt was more diverse in selection. quality wise tho...they are both the best of the best.

  6. im sure thats not true either...i mean i bet any state that allows for a person to grow marijuana and sell it at a legal state dispensary...i feel like ull find someone who will do it right no matter what state you're in, provided the states laws dont negatively affect the grow somehow.

    for example, i know in denver they have a blossoming med scene. ill bet that the denver meds are just as good as any in the world.
  7. Just like dealers bro. Got shops that got cha danks. Got shops that got cha schwag. Got shops with hook ups. Got shops that are sheisty. Ima MMJ patient and i found some pretty good shops ima stick with.

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