Dutch Masters White Grape Blunt

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by DoomBlaze, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Finally got the tag to work... jeese lol.
  2. love em just moved from boston to nebraska and they dont have games here so i gotta smoke dutches i like the strawberry dutches mmm wicked tasty btw nice blunt that looks sick
  3. Damn son you made a shitty outer leaf work well for you. I'd be motherfuckin hating if I got veins that big on my dutches but it's luck of the draw. Good job!
  4. MmM. I ain't been about blunts for a long time but a white grape DM sounds really nice.
  5. Thanks man. :) I was practicing my rolling skills non-stop this passed summer. Really paid off. To be honest it was one of my first "success" stories with blunts. Before they usually burned way too fast and were harsh as hell. Instead of splitting through the leaf and paper like I usually did I carefully unwrapped the leaf and then split the blunt and then re-wrapped the leaf around the blunt. Smoked through 2 sessions about 15 minutes each between two people.

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