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  1. So, last night me and a few buddies were smoking with some girls, and one of them had bought cigarillos(trying to be helpful I suppose). We already had everything rolled up though, so they just gave it to me. They bought three packs of  "Berry Fusion Natural Leaf Dutch" By Dutch Masters. They look pretty damn girly if you ask me. Never had the chance to roll with these, or smoke out of them. I'm from Texas, the only cigars we smoke out of are Swishers, Garcia Vega's, or White Owl's sometimes. Call me a noob or whatever, but I've been smoking for four years, which may not seem like long, but I know my way around rolling. I suppose I could just throw them out, but that would be wasting :smoke: . Is there anything I need to know before rolling a blunt with these? 

  2. About halfway through, cut the green wire, not the red.

  3. Panatela

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