Dutch Master Silica "HELP"

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by VeryDisturbed, May 15, 2011.

  1. I have a black bottle of Dutch master Silica. HEre is my problem. the liquid seems to be much different from a few other silicas i have seen. let me know if this looks off to you. I don't want to destroy my babies using this.

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  2. Hi.

    Even tho Im a thru and thru dirty organic soil grower, I happen
    to know quite a bit about different products.

    Your product looks good. This is an absolutely AWESOME product
    that really does do what it claims. Silicon is actually vital to plant
    growth and is very underrated. Silicon strengthens the plant all
    over - from the cellular level, where it thickens and elasticizes
    the cell walls to the limb structure, or frame of the plant.
    Good stuff man.

    Just be careful. Dont overdo it with this stuff and watch the Ph.


  3. Thanks, I try to stay Natural,organic also :smoke:
    There was bubbles in it "after" I shoot it a little bit but not vigorously. there seems to be something settling in the bottom on the glass u can make it out in the close up. it's kind of like syrup in the bottom
  4. I thought that wuz shadow.

    Looks like a fine sediment, it is after all,

    Did u just get it or wuz it around for a while ???

    Does it tell u on the jug, what its Ph is ???
    If so, test it.


  5. I got it from my friend and it was just sitting around for about 2-3 months and I've had it for about 1-2 months now.
    the exp date is bn070117
    There is no ph level on it, and I don't have a tester :p, I should probably invest 15 bucks into Botanicare Silica, Since I'm running the Natural,organic line.
  6. Ya, I guess to be on the safe side...

    When in doubt...throw it out.

  7. I applaud u on your angle towards plant fitness, man.

    + rep.


  8. Thanks :]

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