Dutch (from Predator) vs Rambo vs John Mclane (Die Hard)

Discussion in 'Movies' started by dr.ganja, May 5, 2011.

  1. Three of my favourite action heroes (pretty sure most peoples growing up at the time). Was just wondering for fun who would win out of these guys, get some interesting discussions going. I chose Dutch instead of The Terminator because of the obvious fact that he is a robot.

    I reckon John Mclane from Die Hard would have the worst chance, in the end it would be an epic jungle battle between Rambo and Dutch!
  2. rambo would win. He would just go on a rampage from all the roids he has been juicing.
  3. i love me some die hard john mcclane but i gotta go with dutch. I've seen the first predator at least 20 times in my life time...never cared for rambo personally
  4. you can't compare a new york city cop to special forces agents.

    who'd win? probably dutch.

    who's the baddest? john fuckin mcclane.
  5. you are absolutely right.

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