Dutch Ban Hallucinogenic Mushroom Sales

Discussion in 'General' started by Dark_Angers, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. I didn't even know they are legal there that's crazy

  2. They aren't now....
  3. The Dutch usually have their shit together. The last paragraph is right. This is going to cause more problems in town with inregulated mushrooms being sold.
    Just as many people will still do mushrooms in Amsterdam as were going to but now they will have to buy from sketchy drug dealers. Doesn't the name smart shop make sense.
  4. Yea... the worst part about it is... there's prolly a lot more low-life dealers (just a guess) seeing as theres no strictly-weed dealers to take up shrooms too (the only natural aspect), but I'm sure theres plenty of coke, heroine, etc... dealers who would be more than happy to make some more cash.
  5. thank god it said within 3 months it's taking effect. I'll be there 11/11 :hello::smoke:
  6. it's jacked up over there right now, they've got a conservative government which is bowing down to foreign pressure to close down the coffeeshops. Under one proposed law '93% of Amsterdam's coffeeshops would have to close, leaving 16 coffeeshops'. 16 coffeeshops in Amsterdam??? ..that's crazy!!


    It's clear the United States is ultimately the source of this pressure, and as the US is the most influential party to the Single Convention, a repeal of the marijuana prohibition laws in the US will lead to the collapse of the international prohibition. When that happens the pressure to close the coffeeshops will cease.
  7. At least hey aren't being "American" bitches about it... they won't really do anything if you are caught with it, only selling it. Hmm... I wonder where I could find a seller now when I go to A-Dam

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