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Dusty weed(pic)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by grasstown, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. untitled.JPG

    This weed looks really dusty like its been sprayed with shit. Only got it casue it was a gram and dont know many people who sell that less. Doesnt smell very strong and doesnt taste good.gets you quite high though more of a relaxed indicia high
    Your thoughts?

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  2. that looks like its super dank man, those are supposed to be there
  3. Looks fine dude, pretty dank in fact.

    Good luck with it dude! :smoking:
  4. Those would be Trichomes, sir.
  5. hahahah
  6. Those are not dust try resin glands. Lol
    looks like you got some pretty nice marijuana.
    Probably doesn't taste good because it wasn't cured long enough. What was your method of smoking? Vapes bring out the natural taste. :)
  7. I know there seem to be loads of trichomes but if see it ina different light it looks sandy colour. like theres loads of dried kief on it but i suppose that could be it i dunno
  8. send it to me ill dispose of it properly.:cool::smoking::hippie:
  9. #9 chronicman00, Mar 30, 2010
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    hahahaha this made me laugh.

    thats top of the line shit and you dont even know it..well maybe now you do
  10. :rolleyes:

    it's not dusty man
  11. ha this thread made me smile
  12. ahh the pics dont really support what im saying. if you could see it now it just looks sandy and it doesnt smell strong and the smell of the smoke smells like spice. but yeh gets you pretty stoned ha
  13. haha dawg there isnt one thing wrong with your bud

    that dusty shit is kief
  14. its GRITWEED. oh no.
  15. Let's not start this! :smoking:
  16. that happened to me one time what i did was just get an air duster and blew all the dust off worked great
  17. Looks like you got some good shit dude.
  18. Its doesnt taste nice tbf and the smoke smells funny. Could it be grit weed?
    I payed £10 for a gram dunno what that is in $$ but i normally get dank and thought this would be shit cause it was from a street dealer..
  19. :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

    This is too funny, man do i love the apprentice toker's section.

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