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Dusting yourself off

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by xplicitcontent, Feb 9, 2004.

  1. Ok, i'm not a drug addict or anything, but one day when there was little bud, i got desparate. In a attempt to make my high even better, I inhaled some "Dust Off" which is like compressed air in a can used to spray air at things. Damn dis I get f'd up, and thus I found a new way to get messed up. Now a few of my friends are using it as well, but on a once in a while basis. We all know it's really not good, but can anyone hear tell me more about this stuff.
  2. Oh god, thats such a white trash thing to do

    Yeah i definately wouldn't be doing that shit. If you want to be fucked up even more, then just smoke more bud.
  4. well the stuff is just inert gas... so in effect its like holding ur breath for a long ass time. so ur killing a lotta brain cells.
  5. Is the Dust Off stuff better or worse than Whip Its?
  6. actually it's probably worse. because ppl suggest (i never nos personally) to have a good ratio between oxygen and nos when u do it. if u do it right ur not sposed to kill a lot if any brain cells. with dust off the point is not taking in any oxygen so its prolly a lot worse
  7. Just stick with whippets.

    BTW did you huff it or bag it?

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