Durga Mata Bagseed Grow w/PICS

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  1. Hi everyone.
    Just thought I would post some pictures of my current grow. The first 2 pictures are of the cloning mothers. They are now about 6 months old or so. The other Pictures are of the clones just cut which was on March 17. Clones were rooted in Jiffy Mix Soil-less Clone Starting Mix compliments of Wal-Mart. I used cloning powder. Clones took about 2 weeks to get roots and were planted on April 3 into some Professional Potting soil WITH NO NUTES. This soil contains perlite, vermiculite, sphagnum peat moss bark etc. and was purchased at the local nursery.

    Plants were grown under a 400 watt HPS however, I ran into a few snafus. I had to go out of town a number of times and our air conditioner blew out during 100 degree weather so, numerous times I had to resort to some fluoros that I have which do not give nearly enough light for 4 plants. As a result, the clones got a bit stretched. Additionally I was experimenting with pruning. I did this on the moms. You can see the skinny thin looking one is pruned and the lush one is not. Anyway, without further ado.

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  2. Clones were put into flower on May 1 so they were grown in veg for 4 weeks. Clones were fertilized with some hydroponic nutrients (chemical) which were 20-6-16 for veg and 9-30-12 for flowering. Here they are 2 weeks into flower. By the way, Durga Mata is a pure Indica and the other is a bagseed which I suspect is a pure indica as well.

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  3. Here they are today at 5 weeks into flower. I just looked at the trichs and they are all clear indicating that they are not yet ready for harvest. Unfortunately, they are grown in 2 gallon pots only. That is the biggest pot I can handle right now physically. Plants also started to get yellow a little early in my opinion so, I supplemented them with my high in N fert at about midway through flower and the yellowing slowed down.

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  4. Here are a few pictures of my kid smoking out with me ("the dad"). Her name is Tallahassee (stupid name I know and we can blame my ex-fiancé for that). When I blow the "funny smoke" into her face, she acts real goofy and smears her face into the ground. Check out the sequence and the end result. Please let me know what you all think of these here pictures.

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  5. lol cute dog. it's pretty tiny though. just don't ever hotbox a small room with the pup in there lol looks like you'll have some buds to toke on soon.

    I'm sexing my plants as we speak... the biggest is about 13'' or 14'' and I tied them down and got them really close under the HPS (like 10 inches under it) but the fan is strong and keeping them cool... hoping for atleast 3 out of 6 females...more would be nice lol honestly I just want this grow to get over with as I'm really excited about the next grow with some nice strains and growing in coco coir :D not concerned with yield, but hopefully this one will be semi successful and I'll have a little bit of smoke to tide me over through next grow. :]

    also about to try and take a couple clones for the first time from the smaller branches... do you think I'll have problems if I wait til the plants show sex to take the clones? 5/6 of them showed preflowers before I switched to 12/12 but they're too small for me to tell right now..

    p.s. the durga mata is a cross of two super shivas, right?
  6. Hi Hero.
    I would definitely wait until you know that you have a female before cloning off of it. You should be ok to clone into about week 2-3 of flower, then the clone success rate goes way down. Durga Mata is indeed a cross between 2 super shivas. Thanks for your comments and by the way my little dog weighs 16 lbs. so she is not too small. We also have a little 4 lb Chihuahua. I tried smoking her out once and she had a bad trip. Nothing happened for 24 hours but then she got weird about 48 hours later. I have not smoked her out since. My Lassa Appsa shitzhu (sp?) in the pics really likes it though.
  7. lol she just rolls around on the floor? I wonder how my cat would like it... haha.

    I just asked about the clones because I've heard of people taking clones of all their plants right before they sex them and labeling them so they know which is which, saying that branches that actually have a flower on them will be much harder to clone. so, they just took them from all the plants and tossed the clones that came from the males later. I'd rather just take the clones from plants I already know are female, but I just wanted to make sure so I wouldn't have any problems
  8. Yup.
    She just rolls around on the floor and acts silly. Then she comes back for more. Anyway, here are some more shots of the buds. They were at about day 50 into flowering when taken. I am a little worried about the resin content because of the occasional inadequate lighting they received but, like you said, at least I will have some bud to smoke. In general however, the plants look ok. I even managed to curtail the yellowing. Also, these plants have NOT been LST'ed, FIM'ed, Pruned, Topped or Tipped.

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  9. that will be some fine smoke
  10. I see that your plants are just under 2ft. How much did they grow after you put them into flowering? and how much do you expect to get off a 2ft plant?
  11. I put them into flower when they were about a foot tall so they just about doubled in height. If I had a bigger pot I think they would have gotten bigger but, they are now root bound and have long stopped growing taller. I estimate I will get at least an ounce per plant and this is based on my last grow where I had 2 similar sized plants and got 2.5 ounces from both.
  12. thanks for ur help on the thread i started.i just want to compliment you on ur grow, pretty awesome i say.i hope those babies yeild lots of buds.i have a question, u seem to be pretty knowlegable.if my plants ended up yeilding the same results as yours (for the sake of exsample) i'm using pretty good quality mersh seeds i got from a friend's sack that they gave me.how much would i sell it for?i'm really not educated on grams and all that how much in each sack.ect.ect.:eek:
  13. lol....

    no talking about that...

  14. That's good to know......I only wanted my plants to get to 3ft. max and planned on growing them almost that tall before putting them in flowering

    Now I know better! :)

  15. smknV i like your setup in your closet and the plants are looking great scumby why would you want to sell your plants that you worked so hard on keep the buds for your self and maybe smoke out a few close friends
  16. you guys are right.but i just wanted to sell some so i can get a better setup thats my main thing.i'll probably just sell some to a few people i know who are in need of it but aren't really close friends with me.:eek:
  17. Hi guys.
    Thanks a lot. NewGrow, my closet set up is OK. If it were my place, I would take out all those stupid shelves which are really in the way. I still need to put up the mylar where that crappy foil is.

    Scumby, I think for good grass you could get about $60 per 1/8 ounce= $480 for an ounce= $7680 per pound.

    I just checked the trichs tonight and they are about 50% clear 50% milky. I hope they will be ready by July 8 when I have to leave. If not, I bought this watering sytem http://www.littlegreenhouse.com/accessory/mist2.shtml for $44.95
  18. Only 4-5 days later and under 20x magnification the trichs are now about 90% cloudy. At this rate I think another 5 more days and they should be at least 50% milky 50% amber. I will harvest then. I took a smoke test tonight by taking the microscope examined pieces and baked them in the oven for about 20 minutes (turned out to be a few minutes too long) at 300 degrees F. They tasted funny but, I got pretty high off of two bong hits. I am also very impressed with my 55,000 lumen Hortilux HPS bulb. The colas on the plants are the biggest I have grown in the 2 gallon pots. I will put up some more harvesting pics if anybody gives a crap.
  19. I'd definately be interested in seeing more pictures, keep us updated to the very end! Hopefully with your input my plants will be looking that good in a little more than a month.
  20. I will deffinately be selling an Oz off my first grow which is doctor from greenhouse seeds the feminized versions for a better setup next grow planning on doing something from BOG before its all gone also my plants are pathetic right now been vegging for two months under a 42 watt floro and there not even a foot yet gave em 1/4 tsp of Earth grow bloom hopefully thell shape up before the flowering how many Ozs you will think I will get hopefully more tham 1 per palnt

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