Durban Poison Sticks

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Stickman, Apr 12, 2002.

  1. Hi

    I am from South Africa. We have a strain called Durban Poison. It is sometimes compressed and packed into paper
    sticks (see attachment). There are no stems,stalks and very few seeds. The smell is not as bad as a ziploc and they are very easy to conceal. If I were a player I would sell these sticks for GBP80 or USD100 for 100 sticks.
  2. HIGH Stickman, welcome to Grasscity!! :wave:
    Please try again to send the attatchment, I'd really like to see those "sticks", have never heard of that before! That's one of the really cool things about life here in the CITY, you'll always learn new things!!! :hippie: :smoking:
  3. Sounds dope as hell I always a new international perpective on the herb. =)

  4. Stickman....You have placed the same single post,1st post message on other boards attempting to sell your product,,,sorry...We cannot openly allow any drug trafficing here at the city,,even in Pandora's Box...We are very firm on this....Please understand...thanx

  5. lol I thought you meant to say Dursban Sticks.

    That sounds scary now! (Dursban being a potent insecticide)

    But sorry, no peddlin' of dope here m'friend.
  6. Yea i think the reason for the growing insight is to "grow ya own" instead of pay'n for it.

    To me makes no sense to have a DP stick.....and any weed could be made into such a stick as DP is really no diffy than any other strain
  7. i think this is just a random post. not an attempt to sell.
  8. Are these 'sticks' you refer to also called joints?

  9. my friend in kuwait spoke of sticks as well. apparently very easy and cheap to get bud there. too bad crime is flying through the roof and shit's being bombed all over the place.

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