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Durban Poison/OG Kush N-Butane Extract

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by ConcentrateCharlie, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. Durban Poison/OG Kush N-Butane Extraction. 14.3g of Nugs in, 3.4g of oil out. Used a little less then half a can of Capital N-Butane and an open ended Subzero Extractors. Along with 2 Unbleached Coffee filters and a 50 micron Mean Skreenz. When Blasting i noticed the N-Tane has alot less pressure then regular canned butane. A slow steady stream of gold tane passed through the filter and onto the pyrex, and it seemed to almost immediately start forming large goupy oil bubbles,almost no liquid was on the plate just sticky gooey oil. I let heat purge at 90-100*F for 22 hours before i scrap up. Scrape it off the plate and get it onto an Oil Slick Sheet (the PTFE sheets NOT the silicone pads) and throw it in the vac chamber at 90-110*F for 13 hours, flipping it a few times in between. Its not 100% stable but it sure snaps in half. Test dab on the nail i notice no oil shooting off the nail and no LOUD sizzle. Taste Very smooth the Durban Poison is very prevalent considering i only used 1/8 of OG in the mix to fill the tube up. Very Soaring sativa high like the reviews say, the taste is unique a bit like the blue berry haze BHO i made a few months back. Well ive got to say i feel alot better about doing my PERSONAL extractions with canned N tane, rather then an ntane/isotane/propane mixture. Cheers guys!


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  2. Holy cow, that looks awesome. Enjoy your treat you've got there, dude!
  3. Thank you very much good sir!
  4. Job well done, these oils look like a great smoke

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