Durban Poison grow - a few questions

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  1. I'm planning my next grow and since I've never grew DP yet, I have some questions.

    Is it much of a stinker during the growing period?
    How tall does it get indoors?
    Are 3 gallon pots enough for the indoor grow?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)
  2. Anyone? I'm sure some of you grew DP before? +rep for the help of course.
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    I personally haven't grown it. A friend of mine grew for a couple years back in the day. twas definately some stinky stuff. he grew his in 5gal containers. he lst'd and supercropped his. allways had a nice harvest under the 600 he ran. if you have the space use the 5gal containers. they can get pretty big. hope this helps a little. and I'm sure people on here have personal exp, with dp. so if they chime in by all means listen to them. peace and good luck

    forgot to mention, if space is an issue you might want to look into the urban poison strain. its dp x nl#2 if I'm not mistaken. doesn't grow as tall and I ear good things on the smoke report
  4. I remember seeing durban poison in the cannabis grow bible. I went to the page and all it says is " exclusively inbred, 100% Sativa that produces large buds with lots of resin."

    So id say its gunna be tall and stinky haha
  5. durban great weed not great for indoors sativa i would expect it to be tall unless trained. ha im smokin sum durbie right now:smoke:
  6. dopest dope ive ever smoked. gives u dry mouth and dry eyes like a mutha

  7. I've been reading that indoor sativas don't get that tall, they could get up to two meters but not taller inside.
  8. some but this strain has african genes grown outdoors. i suggest tying n training to keep height more under control
  9. Durban Poison can get enormous!

    One of the best I have ever smoked and is a classic strain. I would suggest topping it if you have limited space.

    I grew it outdoors a couple years ago and the plant went well over 12 feet high. Of course it probably won't happen indoors unless you veg her for a long time.

    Good choice, just make sure to prune and maintain the DP.

  10. Ya, I hear the same thing, but indoors in soil is giving me headaches on not getting tall quickly. But I have also read same as you; that they wont get that tall inside. So I'm going with a more SoG with them. I do 6plants for my one light (1kw HPS). The more SoG, the better the result so far. Each harvest has been slightly better than the last.
    Also thinking of trying 9 plants under the one light and see how that goes, see if it gets too crowded or not.


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