Durban Or Outdoormix (sensi seed bank)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by stoner_boy, Aug 12, 2003.

  1. I don't know which one to get Durban or Out Doormix (From Sensi Seed bank) i've got ages to wait becase this is for next year so i'm good for time,
    but what do u guys think?

    Cheers Lads and happy tokin
  2. if ur gonna b happy with just 1 type of smoke and high then go 4 the durban, if u want to try more than 1 kind of smoke in a year then get the mix. the bags of mixed seeds u can buy r a good way to try a few types of smoke without having to buy lots of seeds, prob more than most small growers wud grow or want to grow.

    when i picked the seeds im growing at the moment i picked a few types baised on the type of smoke/high im gonna get and flowering times 4 a staggerd harvest, i ended up with 60 seeds but i'll only grow 20 of them, the rest i'll store, give away or trade. mixd bags r a gud deal if u like the seeds u get in the bag.

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