Duration of the high; one big hit or multiple micros

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  1. Debate time guys
    Through out the day you wanna enjoy the high for the longest duration, how do you guys achieve this? Do you go for one solid hit and ride it out or do you have smaller, more consistent hits through out?

    For me personally I generally tend to have the one solid hit and ride it out, that way I find it easier to determine when my high is really starting to dip, which can sometimes be hours later for me!
    I've tried smaller hits throughout and found it difficult to get the same size hit consistently without weighing it all the time, I find as soon as you have one hit that's just a little bigger than the rest it ruins the flow completely.
  2. I micro dose 0.1/0.2 rather then take one fat hit one hit and I'm good for the next 45 - 1 hour then just smoke again if im feeling it lol
  3. I smoke large amounts in a small duration of time to get super baked
  4. That's kool, I'm glad you've got that working for you! Not gonna lie, I wish I had the patience to do that sometimes lol
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  5. :D I used to do that but since I don't grow and don't have endless amounts of money, I can't viably do that anymore lol
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